{music + art}

Those that know me well know that I LOVE music. And the love has just gotten stronger over the years as my tastes have gotten more diverse. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by how much great music is out there.

Of course music itself is an art form but getting the music out there to the people or the people to the music is also an art.

graphic design + music = music poster!

Music posters have been around forever and are so much more than an advertisement for a band or show. The good ones don’t expire with the date of the event…they become collector items or at the very least find a place on your wall…maybe eventually the basement rec room wall, but still! They’re art. Like art, they can stir a memory or feeling from you or they can just look great.

Even though I’m such a huge music fan I have yet to declare my devotion in the form of a music poster. Mostly because I’m so indecisive. And also because of the dilemma of choosing a poster based on the band or the design? That is a big decision for a music & design geek like me. But I’ve been looking, trust me. Here are some favourites from bands that are cool with the kids these days:

via FloraFauna

via FloraFauna

via PosterCaberet

via PosterCaberet

via PosterCaberet

via PosterCaberet

via PosterCaberet

via PosterCaberet

Pretty huh?

I’m lucky enough to have a great little stationary & print shop on my street in the market called Kid Icarus which is tiny but full of great printed greeting cards, calendars, unique goodies and a bunch of great music posters. Like this one:

All the silk-screen printing is done on site under the name Studio Number Nineteen. Definitely worth a peek if you’re in the area.
I think it would be amazing if I found one for a show I actually attended & loved. That is the goal for me. Still searching…


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