{say I do: less is more….romantic}

I came across this video today on my all-time fav blog, Design Sponge and of course had to share. Awhile back I shared a wedding video that I absolutely was in love with. Well I came across another one and it’s completely different but just as lovely. I figure why stop with all the wedding themed posts now? I’m on a roll!

You really have to read the original post on Design Sponge to get the full story of the couple and how the day came about. The main thing that I took from it and what’s so great about this event is how simple and private it is. There are BIG weddings and smaller weddings but in either case, many times the reason for the gathering can get lost in all the planning and partying.

This couple started planning a small intimate wedding and it quickly snowballed to a huge event and headache. They decided what they really wanted more than anything was for it to be just them.

1 + 1 = Love

So they sent a notice to all their guests ‘reclaiming their wedding’ and took off to San Fransisco to elope. They hired someone to take a video of the day & event which was sent to their friends and family after.

Check it out. This is sooooo different from the first video I posted but I love it equally. The music again is such a huge part of bringing the event to life. You really can feel the intimacy between the couple without it being sappy or cheesy in any way. As much as I love all the pretty details of a small wedding, there are no distractions here. It’s simply about the bride & groom.

Just a head’s up if you cry easily, grab some tissue.

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

{DIY: sweet hereafter}

It’s so funny how you anticipate something for so long and it seems so far away, then all of a sudden it’s come……and gone!

The much anticipated Handmade Harvest craft show was this past weekend. I’m so happy to report that it was a HUGE success! So happy for Emily & Colleen. Must’ve been great to see all their planning and hard work come to life and have such a big turnout. There wasn’t tickets or anyone at the door to know numbers but I can say that the traffic didn’t even start to slow down until around 3 or 4pm. And before noon it was just a circus!

People were ready to shop!

Me working it. I really had no idea this picture was taken.

I was a little nervous going in – you know there’s always that fear that no one will like anything. But I had a great day and lots of positive feedback about my stuff. The buttons & tags were a big hit and the place mats were a surprise hit, I sold out! I also got a ton of great comments about my photography and sold a bunch of those. My last minute arts & crafts felt party garland ended up being very popular and I sold out as well as even getting a few requests for more. The only thing that didn’t really sell were the silk-screened shoe bags. I thought they were cute! But I guess the fine folks of Almonte just aren’t as into fancy dinner parties where having the perfect pair of dress shoes for your outfit is a must. They probably have more fun in their comfy socks anyway.

Here’s the booth at the beginning of the day. Came together even though I was late and had to pretty much throw down everything 10min before the doors were open.

And I even have a picture from a shopper (Thanks to the Lotans, who stopped by my booth a couple times that day) with their Party Garland up in their kitchen window already.

Overall a great day! I’m sure the upcoming Spring show will be even bigger & better.

{christmas beauty}

I know, Christmas talk already…sorry I don’t mean to make you barf all over your Halloween costume. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been designing Christmas at work since about June. That is, in fact, the topic of this entry.
What I do.

If you know me personally, you know that I’m a Graphic Designer for Shoppers Drug Mart – working in the Studio at their head office in Toronto. You’ve probably heard me talk about this project that I loved or this other project that I didn’t love so much or how I had a day at a photo shoot or a day with my eyes glued to my computer screen. If you don’t know me, well, see above 🙂

I decided to take an opportunity to showcase one of my more recent projects. Not only because I enjoyed doing it and I think it was an overall success, but also so that some of you actually know what I do now when I talk about work.

I work on mostly all the beauty projects at SDM (includes BeautyBoutique). I’m officially the “beauty girl”. Which is kinda funny if you know me and my lack of makeup skills before I started working here. Every year we do a Beauty Book for Christmas but this year I was given the creative freedom to be a little more edgy, modern and outside the box (well for Shoppers). Thankfully my boss was so busy that she basically just left me and my coworker to do whatever we wanted. Thankfully for her, ‘we did good’.
I watch ALOT of America’s Next Top Model and what’s funny is that as cheese-ball that most of it is, some of it is actually true! I’ve picked up a bunch of makeup tips, heard lots of good stories and yes, even heard the phrase “smile with your eyes”. As far as product shots, you would be surprised what’s hiding behind some of those product or the hijinks it took to make things stand just right. Most of those shots are actually made up of 4-6 different shots that are blended together.

It’s all an illusion my friends. Except for that model’s skin. It really was that amazing. I hated her. And she had a good personality too. I hated her even more. I kid. She was really funny.
Here are a few snapshots of my favourite shots & spreads including some directors *notes. Look for the full book in your nearest Shoppers or delivered in your newspaper.
* This actually the 2nd cover. We had to scrap the 1st one because people didn’t seem to love it as much as I did. We had to have a whole other day scheduled with the model, photographer & makeup artist. But I love it…especially the sequin!

*the photo re-toucher said he’d never had so little re-touching to do on a skin shot before

* this is my favourite product shot from the book.

* sometimes you get requests like, can you please show ALL of these products in one shot and also all of the boxes they come in? It can spell disaster but I love how this turned out. Example of how restrictions can make you more creative.

And of course, this ain’t no one man show. I worked very closely with my creative co-ordinator at work (Juliana) who kept everything organized and the following amazing & creative people:

Model photography – John Van Der Shilden
Model – Vlada from Elite Models
Makeup & Hair – Veronica Chu
Product photography & Styling – Michael Crichton Photography


So as usual, everything takes wayyyyyyy more time than you anticipate or plan for. Here I was thinking I was so organized for this weekend’s upcoming Handmade Harvest and here I am working day & night this past weekend to get stuff done! It’s mostly the silk-screening that I left to the end because it’s the biggest job. Probably not the BEST idea. I did a bunch of silk-screening years ago and had little to no issues. This time around however, it hasn’t been so smooth. I think it’s a combination of the design I chose and maybe my make-shift studio area (read: my dining table) that’s giving me the problem. Either way – there has been a share of wasted supplies and time. I haven’t actually decided if those pieces are going to make it to the show or not and I haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet.

BUT on a more positive note there is a bunch of stuff that I have made, on top of the buttons & tags that I showed a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures of some other items I’ve been crafting up:

I pulled out my old silk-screen and used this great vintage clipart-esque image on some kitchen towels:

Then I made some of these cute matchbook notepads with various messages stamped on them:

And I was so in love with that cute felt garland that I blogged about a few weeks ago that I decided to make a few of those too. They look a little arts & craft in person but when you put them up, they just look so great!

Needless to say I was thankful that I decided to finally get cable (and PVR) just two weeks ago because I have been watching ALOT of TV & movies while making all of these goodies. My favourite so far has been re-discovering Will&Grace…I watched 5 episodes in one sitting. I also watched many episodes of Hoarders which is hard to watch while having random piles of finished and half-finished projects laying around all around you.

There will also be some 2011 wall calendars, photography and some printed shoe bags for those winter evenings out but I don’t have pictures. You’ll just have to come to Handmade Harvest to see them!