{style: looking good by Lauren Moffatt}

Looks like I’m feeling the fashion these days. First the oh so hip & stylish Blake Lively and today the cool creations of Lauren Moffatt. Her fashion is described as ‘vintage chic’ which is bang on. And also probably the reason I love it so much. Well I don’t love every single piece…but almost every single piece. I love how she balances the vintage feel with a fresh & cool perspective. There is lots of colour and fun with a sophisticated twist.

The styling in these shots also help to bring the clothes up a level and create a complete look. The hats, shades, socks, belts, handbags & jewelry are all used to make each look unique. For example, I love how they made a modern shaped dress out of a folky looking material and finished it with a metal studded belt. And it looks perfect!

I really like looks that highlight the waist. There’s something classic & feminine about it. It also happens to be a very hot look right now. Not surprisingly those are the looks of Lauren’s that are my favourite.

Take a peek:



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