{artist showcase: Klaus Ernflo & Christian Faur}

Aristotle’s quote, the subject of this blog, can’t be any more true than with these beautiful artistic examples. They are quite amazing. I love things like puzzles or connect the dots or anything that is made up of multiple elements and organized in a way to create a larger element.

Check out this first example by Stockholm’s Klaus Ernflo that I found on It’s Nice That blog. He’s taken a page full of type and just by strategically changing the colour he’s created a landscape image when you stand back and look at the whole document. When you look up close, it’s not much but all those millions of pieces work to make a whole image. I guess it’s the same principal as pixels in digital photography minus all the technical mumbo jumbo.

Close up view:

And here’s another amazing example, this one from artist Christian Faur. He’s taken one of everyone’s childhood favourites, the crayon and by using a ton of them created beautiful portraits and images. I love the added texture element from the tips that the crayons give in comparison to the type sample.

In all these cases, the detail just amazes me. The ability to work in such fine detail but be able to stand back and see the big picture at the same time and bridge that gap in your mind is what I find so fascinating.


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