{the art of advertising}

I wanted to share this great video I came across recently. It’s really more of a short documentary on the art of painting outdoor advertisements. It’s probably considered a dying art form as these days most large scale outdoor advertisements are printed on vinyl and put up in a short few hours – which is obviously more time & cost efficient than the hours spent on these pieces of art.

I never really thought about these painters before. They fall under the same category as graffiti artists for me. They’re everywhere yet no one really sees them or really respects them the same as any artist you can find in a gallery or various printed media. And what really got to me, as a creative person who’s put hours into a project before, is that all this time and effort (for probably not amazing $) is just going to get painted over sooner than later. It’s not like a piece of art that will be preserved in any way. All these hours of work will exist for a moment in time, then on to the next.

I found it very interesting and even kinda sad in a way.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

I see a few of these outdoor ads on my drive to work everyday in downtown Toronto. Here’s a shot of an Apple iPad2 one that’s in progress. I have often admired watching the work in progress but never really thought about the artists doing the work. I will definitely think of them differently now.



OMG – I had to post this illustration I just came across on The Debonaire Blog because it might as well be me. Chronic bitchface is the story of my life – as is the “smile!” comment from total strangers (which is what actually makes me bitchy). What’s even more humorous is that’s pretty much my go-to hairstyle, I just bought a pair of similar glasses and I’m unhappily single.
Bing. Bang. Boom.

Chronic bitchface, the misunderstood condition.

{love is fun}

Back to weddings…. …we’ll ’tis the season so it’s probably appropriate.

I just came across this wedding showcase that I had to share. I think this goes down as the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen. I was having fun just looking at it, imagine if you were actually there! The colour, the bikes, the activities, the decor, the people….what a fantastically fun way to celebrate.

{ SPACES: colour in the kitchen }

I’m back! I admit I was hoping that after being away for 10 days and coming back with March behind me that I would be welcomed by Spring in bloom. Not exactly. I figure since it’s not quite spring outside yet that we could try and make it spring inside. I came across a Scandinavian site recently called Huset that’s just bursting with colourful items for your home. And you know those Scandinavians….no shortage of style. The kitchen & dining accessories are especially bright and cheerful. So on this gloomy and chilly day I thought it would be nice to try and imagine a bright and spring filled kitchen. I think any kitchen chore would be easier in a kitchen filled with colour.

I’m especially in love with the transparent coloured dot dishware.