{photo style}

For all the fashionista photographers out there, you no longer have to pick between fashion & function. Thanks to Kelly Moore you now have a ton of great options when it comes to carrying your camera around and looking good doing it. She was tired of carrying around an ugly, big black bag around and decided to make her own line of fabulous camera bags with interior padding and lots of pockets to hold your photo stuff.

Check out the great collection…I’m personally eyeing the orange Libby bag. I entered a draw to win one. Fingered crossed. They’re available in a ton of great colours.

If after upgrading your camera bag you feel that your ugly black camera strap just isn’t doing it for you, the folks at Union can help you out. Check out this super stylish camera strap. I LOVE it! It’s not the most affordable however. You may want to save it for a birthday or Christmas wish list. OR if you’re really crafty and ambitious and know your way around a good sewing machine you can tackle this as a project and pick your own funky fabric and just attached it to the hardware of your current strap.

Fashionable fotographer.

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