{wrap it up}

Gift wrap for designer…or just people who love colour. You know designers, not just ANY old wrapping paper will due. Their gift needs to stand out. The wrapping is just as much part of the gift, if not even more important than the gift. If this sounds like you and you’re not even a designer you will love this.  

French Paper & CSA images, a great funky & unique image source for creatives, is now offering gift wrap in some of their most colourful and kitschy images & patterns. 

Who doesn’t love wrapping gifts? Who doesn’t love giving gifts? Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? 

A gift wrapped in one of these fun wraps will make it all even better. Now hopefully the wrap doesn’t outshine the gift.  


{style: vintage trailer dream job}

You know the old question, what would you do for a living if making decent money wasn’t an issue? As in, what do you REALLY want to do for a living? Well I’ve thought about this many times and the answer changes, depending. I like change and I can’t see myself doing any one thing forever. But I do know that it has to be creative in some way…but that’s casting a pretty wide net. Which I think is good. 

One of my dream options is to be a vintage picker. You know, one of those uber cool people who goes hunting for vintage treasure amongst piles of junk. I seem to have an eye for it…or so people say. I also love to travel. Well put those two things together and what do you get? A traveling vintage shop!! Hello!!

This isn’t just a pipe dream for a some folks. Check out these people who are living the dream. They’ve built their vintage shops on four wheels and taken it on the road. What a great way to fund a travel adventure! Major envy going on over here…

The Lodekka double decker dress shop, based in Portland

The Wanderlust Mobile Shop, also based in Portland, dream child of Vanessa and Dan Lurie. 

And if vintage isn’t part of your dream but you go ga ga for cupcakes then maybe this vintage cupcake trailer will get you all excited. Available for your wedding, shower or any event that needs some cupcakes to get the party started.