{time for a BBQ}

Summer weather has arrived early this year! This means it’s time to get the patio in order and ready to host some BBQ’s. Your BBQ can range from throwing a few hot dogs and burgers on the grill to an all out outdoor formal dinner party. There’s a ton of cute stuff out there right now for both. Personally I like to keep my BBQ’s glass-free zones with lots of colour….with a guitar thrown in for a little post-beverage fun. Here’s my idea of a bunch of great must-have’s for a bright & cheery summer BBQ. 


{weddings: love brings you back}

My two month adventure has come…and gone. Sigh. But it was amazing! And it helps when I come back to such beautiful summer-like weather at home. Summer also means wedding time. This year is a repeat of last summer where I have no less than 5 (!) weddings between May & August. But I do, for the most part, love weddings. It’s all the 1001 events that go with the big day that are not always my very favourite. 

I wanted to share this beautiful wedding I saw on 100 Layer Cake as my first post back & first dive into summer wedding season. So there’s a few tiny things I may change (like the sky full of feathers) and a few of my own touches that I would add but this wedding pretty much is what I envision for myself, if I’m lucky enough for that day to come. 

I just LOVE LOVE all the vintage touches, the colour everywhere, the cozy location and the fact that nothing matches but matches perfectly at the same time. I even have that teal & blue Bulger tin! 

This fire pit & blankets is my favourite. How great would it be to keep the festivities going late into the night around the fire? 

This is my type of party! Live music, sing-a-longs and some sweaty dancing. 
 Just seeing this puts me in a good mood. There’s no one escaping this wedding at 11pm.