{wedding sweets}

Just a glimpse of my design fingerprint at my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. I love that she took my suggestion of mini-macaroons to match with the colourful confetti. Delicious.

Here is what the invite looked like:


{D.I.Y host}

Impress your summer guests with this super easy DIY refresher. Just put some fresh mint and raspberries in a ice tray with water and voila! you have the prettiest ice cubes ever. They make any glass of water more interesting or throw them in a wine glass with some white or blush vino and you just blew their socks off. 

{shadow art}

I saw this on The Gladstone Hotel’s facebook feed today and had to take a closer look. It’s amazing! Remember back in school when people still used projectors and everyone would have some shadow animal fun? Ok, so think that but 100x cooler and more complex. These pieces by Tim Noble & Sue Webster are really taking the saying someones trash is someone else’s treasure seriously. Or this case, everyones trash IS someone else. Super cool. I love that they’re playing with light and imagine that these would be even more impressive in person. It would be a true experience to see the 3D pile of trash then see the 2D transformed imagery on the wall. And we’re not talking stickmen figures here, these images are detailed. The subject matter pushes some limits but I think if you’re going to go through all that effort, you should make a statement, even if it turns people off. Take a closer look:

{say cheese}

It’s so funny how it seems that we’re actually traveling back in time. Who would’ve thought that I would be dying to get my hands on this new Polaroid Instant Digital Camera. I love my ol’ school Polaroid but this is pretty cool. It’s basically a super mini printer and camera in one. Welcome to the world of instant gratification. I guess some things haven’t really changed. 

Hang on tight because this baby isn’t out just yet. Pre-orders available as of August 15. 

{graphic design: wine art}

Maybe you’re not suppose to judge a book (or a possible online date prospect) by their cover but I’ll admit, I judge wine by it’s label. I’ve been on a bunch of wine tours and although they’re very interesting at the time, I forget everything when I’m walking down the wine aisle. What I look for is simple, an attractive and well-designed label. I figure the the wine has be pretty decent if that much thought was put into a label. And also I’m not a super picky wine drinker. 

Anway – the point of this post is I just came across these wine labels that I adore on the dieline. They are so odd but creative, cheeky & unique. Who thought to put together pin-up girls with fish?! Love it! I love these so much I would want to collect all of them and put them on a shelf. Good packaging = art. 

{thrifting 101: this week’s finds}

As most people know, I love to shop for vintage. For me it’s all about the hunt. Vintage stores are amazing but there’s nothing more satisfying that finding a gem for pennies in a sea of thrift store junk. I keep playing with the idea of having an etsy or online vintage store so I can justify my addiction, because I do have an addiction and god knows I don’t need any more stuff. I just can’t resist when I see something good, even if I don’t need it/fit it/match it I want someone else to. 

Here are some of finds from my recent Value Village trip: