{creative marketing: will work for food}

If you haven’t seen this already, take a look. In this day of the consumer being completely overwhelmed  by advertising messages and, in turn, tuning most of it out, this Australian agency had a great idea that really stood out. 

The Australian brand Fantastic Delites decided to turn it around and make the customer work for their product. They set up a free vending machine in a busy outdoor mall. The goodies are free but there’s a non-$$ price. The catch is that the customer has to do something in return for the free treat. They press the large red button and the machine will tell them what task they have to do to get the free full-size sample. It ranges from simple tasks like pressing the button anywhere from 400 – 5000 (!) times, to dancing, bowing, and more….

I love this because it is truly interactive and engaging with the customer – which is every Marketers dream and becoming so rare. It really is funny to see how far people will go for something free. 

Kudos to Fantastic Delight & their agency for getting their customers attention and get them having fun with their product.


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