{shadow art}

I saw this on The Gladstone Hotel’s facebook feed today and had to take a closer look. It’s amazing! Remember back in school when people still used projectors and everyone would have some shadow animal fun? Ok, so think that but 100x cooler and more complex. These pieces by Tim Noble & Sue Webster are really taking the saying someones trash is someone else’s treasure seriously. Or this case, everyones trash IS someone else. Super cool. I love that they’re playing with light and imagine that these would be even more impressive in person. It would be a true experience to see the 3D pile of trash then see the 2D transformed imagery on the wall. And we’re not talking stickmen figures here, these images are detailed. The subject matter pushes some limits but I think if you’re going to go through all that effort, you should make a statement, even if it turns people off. Take a closer look:


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