{30 Days of Beauty}

Just a little update on what I’ve been working on during my 9-5pm. Based on the success of last year’s 30 Days of Beauty campaign, Shoppers decided to bring it back this year. The overall look remained the same but the colours and faces were updated.

I just loved working on these beauty shoots. The models were incredible. We had a hard time choosing which shots to use…so much so that we ended up using the stunning red head twice!

It was really nice to see the faces so big in-store, which was a new addition from last year. I also was able experiment with a new print media by designing a Glamma Wrap for the Toronto Star newspaper. It was pretty cool to see my work take over the cover & back of a national newspaper. Here’s a few samples of the print & in-store work as well as a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot.

Go get beautiful at your local Shoppers Drug Mart!

Photography: John van der Shilden
Make up: Anna Nenoiu
Hair: Vittorio Masecchia
Models: Elmer Olsen, Elite, Next


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