{artist showcase: Mario Kolaric}

I’m back! Vietnam was beautiful. Pics coming soon. 

But in the meantime….

Today while getting caught up on some of my fav blogs I came across this post on Mario Kolaric from Design Sponge. Mario has decided to take some of his creative musings and thoughts from his diary/sketchbook and put them on display to give everyone a little insight into what’s going on in his head. In this technological age with blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, smartphones etc. etc., some of us creative people have put the sketchbook on the sidelines. Or maybe I’m speaking for myself? 

I think what I love most about these colour pen line drawings is the interest they create in their simplicity..and of course the bright colours. I find it so fascinating when you can create the illusion of motion and 3D in a 2D medium. Kinda brings me back to high school art class and the study of optical illusion. 

Take a look at what I mean and view Mario’s full collection here


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