{style: a spring photo shoot}

In honour of the first day of spring (and ignoring the snow outside) I thought I would show a recent spring-like photo shoot. In retail, like most seasonal industries, you work really far ahead. So you’re shooting Christmas in July, Valentines at Christmas and in this case, Mother’s Day in January. Finding props and clothing out of season can be a challenge sometimes but you always end up making it work. 

Another challenge of doing creative work is that your original idea can go through quite the evolution after everyone involved puts in their 2 cents and in some cases, such as this, you may do all the work and it never ends up seeing the light of day. In this case, the direction of the campaign changed after photography so, although it was beautiful, it no longer met the objective. You win some, and you lose some. 

I just thought it was too pretty not to put out there in the world. Here’s a sneak peak of the shoot. Because this was kinda a last minute thing, I was also the stylist and my coworker was the model. 

A fresh spring palette…oh and even a few of my own belts:

Behind the scenes at Michael Crichton photography. Not as glamorous as the end result. Lots of flower options but the stunning peony is the only one that made the cut. You just never know if you’re going to like something until you photograph it. 

And the final cropped options. These were just the first round of concepts, non-retouched & low resolution. Unfortunately this is as far as they will go but aren’t they pretty? 

Enjoy and happy spring!


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