{TRAVEL: all around the world}

It only took me a year but I finally got over 400 photos printed from my extended travel break last year.   

This time last year I was right in the middle of a big travel adventure. I like to keep the airlines in business so I decided on the route Africa > South America > Iceland. Yup. Those countries, in that order. Oh, with a stop home in Toronto between each one to repack. 

Time travel to one year ago:

This reminiscing made me realize how much I love maps. I love seeing all the places around the world I’ve visited and the many, many more left to explore. And I happen to love teal & robin’s egg blue so it doesn’t hurt that they’re so pretty. 

Check out all the great map decor inspiration I found.  I like any kind of collections, so why not globes? The pop of colour looks amazing. The tricky part is having the room. 

Here’s some creative ways to frame & display your favourite destinations:


And for the true map lovers, you can cover your wall from floor to ceiling and daydream of where you’re going next while eating your cheerios. 

You can find these next two maps at Urban Outfitters. There’s a funky one with different patterns for each country for the real design nerds out there. 

And a personal favourite, the scratch the world map where you can scratch off the countries as you visit. The ultimate bucket list. 
Oh and I just LOVE this idea of getting your own custom map made. You can mark your travels (so far) or your family roots. Great idea! Check out the options here


One thought on “{TRAVEL: all around the world}

  1. The kitchen shot with map wallpaper is absolutely one of my favourite spaces! Been wanting one of those scratch maps for awhile need to order ASAP! Thanks for re-inspiring me! Xo

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