{before & after: bedroom loft makeover}

I’m on a major roll here. Another one of my own before & after projects. So after I got my beautiful new railing it was time to take care of those other lingering projects. First up was what lies on the other side of the railing, my bedroom. It’s definitely the most awkward space in my loft. It has low ceiling and plywood floors. Up until recently it was just this cave-like area that I went to sleep but there was nothing cozy about it. Bedrooms should be cozy dont’ you think? 

The hard part was giving it a new coat of paint (did I mention the low ceilings?) and taking apart this clunky old tv unit. But after that is was all cosmetic with some colourful accessories and a string of clear lights – aka instant coziness. Doesn’t it look like a place you could curl up and watch movies in all day? Makeover success!

GET’EM HERE: 1/2/3a/3b/4/5/6/7/8


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