{local love: Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market}

I live in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Toronto known as Kensington Market. I moved here almost 5 years ago and still love it. For those visiting Toronto it’s hard to describe the ‘hood in few words. It has an interesting history with roots as a Jewish market, slowly turning into more of a hub for Portuguese immigrants and today is diverse with influences from all over the world. You are guaranteed to see a few characters if you sit with your coffee and people watch on a Saturday afternoon and there’s no shortage of shopping from food markets, vintage shops, ethnic restaurants, spice shops, paper shops, art galleries and a bunch of places to sit and have a cold beer. The Market is bustling most weekends but the most popular are the Pedestrian Sundays at the end of each month from May – October. The streets are closed to cars and fill up with live music, buskers, street games, dancers, food vendors and more. 

“By regularly reclaiming our streets from the mess of traffic and parking, our neighbourhood enjoys the opportunity to express its character. It’s simple, we remove the automobile and the streets become a cultural playground – an expression of our community’s diverse ethnicity, age and interests.” – pskensington.ca

This Sunday I brought my camera with me to capture a few moments. If you’re in Toronto or not far, make it a day trip on the last Sunday of the month. See you there!

Some kids with serious style and serious dance moves. 

Lots of characters, and lots of interesting fashion. 

The food! This is about 1% of what you can find to eat in the market. Come with an empty belly. (wood burning oven cooked bagels from Nu Bagel)

Leave a pair, buy a pair. Lots of vintage shopping to help you stay cool.

The well known ladies that watch over Courage my Love.


{etsy love: dip it}

I was looking through my Etsy Love Pinterest folder and realized that I have a thing for wooden handmade goods dipped in turquoise. Well wouldn’t you too? Look how great it looks!

get ’em on Etsy: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

{style: kisses for national lipstick day}

Today is a day to celebrate beauty whether you’re a beauty fanatic or not. Every woman owns at least one lipstick, it’s like a passage to womanhood. We all have childhood memories of watching our moms put it on when getting ready for a night out, staring in awe as we watched the transformation. Now some of us have embraced our feminine side more than others in the reality of adulthood but there’s still nothing like some colour to bring attention to that smile. 

I personally love a pop of colour and wear lipstick often – it’s one of my favourite accessories!  I love that bright & bold shades are in right now and today is a perfect excuse to either try lipstick for a change or grab a new colour if you’re lipstick lover. Have fun with it. 

turn ’em on in neon: try Nars lipstick in Shiap
red that pops: try Revlon in Love that Red
orange you pretty: try Mac lipstick in Sweet & Sour
pretty in purple: try Cover Girl lipstick in Embrace

{artist showcase: a photographer & his gal travel the world}

Warning! Case of wanderlust may be a symptom of viewing this post. I came across this great Instagram photo series by Russian photographer Murad Osmann. Murad took a picture of himself being led by his girlfriend while traveling around the world. What a unique way to add a human element to travel photos. It doesn’t hurt that his girlfriend happens to be incredibly attractive. Can you tell where they are in each photo?

And finally a snapshot of the couple in action. See the whole photo series hereJust in case your curiosity is getting to you, this is what his glamorous model girlfriend looks like from the unseen angle.