{style: an evening of nail art}

Just in case you haven’t noticed, nail art is huge. How can we resist all the fun colours & pattern possibilities especially when we have 10 mini canvases to display them on. My friend Clair is just about finished her training to become a nail tech and I thought I would host a small nail art girls evening on my patio. It was an opportunity for her to get some practice and a few of us to get some pretty nails. 

Angelica got some bling for her bling fingers. 

Clair hard at work for camera shy Liza who ended up with some great pink & metallic nails. 

Marie-Lou got creative with textures and decided to try some sand. I love the grey & teal colour combo. 

So I’ll admit, with the exception of Angelica’s blinged out tips, we were all a little tame (time was also a factor). But Clair can do tons of fun stuff. Take a look at her sample wheels. 

Lastly, here are my pink & coral nails with a pop of geometric gold. I love them! This colour combo goes with most of my wardrobe, which is key for someone who is a little bit cookoo for coordinating. 

Thank you Clair and ladies for a fun & creative evening! If you’re in the Toronto area, starting in August you can go and get your nails did by Clair. She’ll be working out of Salon Teti in Little Italy. 


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