{friday’s sweet escape}

Well I’m off to escape to another cottage. That’s three weekends in a row. I know, hard life. If it makes you feel better, the traffic getting there and back will be hell. But it will still be a sweet escape. Have a great weekend!


{style: beach time}

It’s taken awhile but beach time is finally here. So whether you’re hitting up a local beach, cottage or traveling somewhere blue & beautiful or maybe a backyard beach that looks suspiciously like a pool, don’t forget to bring along some style. To me, that means bring out the colour! Time to suit up, hat up & bag up for a day in the sun. 

Oh and don’t forget the most important accessory – your sunscreen!

Suit up: suit 1 / suit 2 / suit 3 / suit 4
Hat up: hat 1 / hat 2 / hat 3 / hat 4
Bag up: bag 1 / bag 2 / bag 3 / bag 4