{spaces: plants as decor}

Do you have a green thumb? I definitely don’t but I’m starting to think that that can change. I grew up with house FULL of plants and a mother & grandmother who had a passion for plants. It was just the norm for me as a kid but I realize now what we had was a beautifully designed sun room that was full of plants of all shapes & sizes. I referred to it as ‘the jungle’. 

I have a history of not being to keep plants alive (so the green thumb was not passed down to me) but I love the warmth and freshness that plants add to a space. After some trial and error over the years I’ve managed to keep a few plants around and very slowly adding more to my space. I really think they give a space a finished & lived in look. They also happen to look great and help keep the air clean for us. When was the last time your pretty throw pillows did anything to help you out? 

photo source (from top): 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8a/8b/9
Are you thinking about adding some greenery to your place? It helps if you have south facing windows to get the best light. The plants themselves are beautiful and a great punch of colour but you can have lots of fun with how you display them. There’s lots of great planters on the market to help you make your little jungle (or lone plant) look stylish and fit in with your decor. 
get ’em here: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


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