{ BlogPodium: what’s in your bag? }

Wow, time is going by at lightening speed. I feel like I was just at Alt Design Summit in San Fran and now it’s already time for Toronto’s BlogPodium this coming Saturday. I’m really looking forward to meeting local bloggers and experts. One of my goals is to do more collaborations in the future so it will be great to build relationships and make contacts that can grow beyond the conference.  

But on to the important stuff. What will I bring? And also what will I wear, but I haven’t quite tackled that one yet. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared at a conference and you also don’t want to overpack and have to carry around a huge bag all day. Here’s everything I think you need to be ready for your day at BlogPodium. (and don’t forget your business cards!)

1 / hydrate2 / take lots of notes 3 / a sweater for cold conference rooms4 / pretty case for your iPad 5 / and a super cute iPhone case for lots of social media snapshots 6 / a case to hold business cards, yours & all the ones you’ll collect7 / don’t forget your glasses for presentations 8 / a pretty pen for all your note taking9 / hair ties to keep your beautiful mane out of your way 10/ a hands-free and cute tote bag to carry all your stuff