{spaces: displaying your art}

Do you have an art collection? Maybe that sounds a too formal, do you have a collection of creative or memorable pieces that you would like to display? It can be photos,  a well designed post card or a piece you bought at an art show, an etsy purchase or a masterpiece by a cute 5 year old you know. Either way, it’s always nice to have them up for everyone to see rather than stored away in a drawer somewhere. Displaying your pieces always makes them feel more special, regardless of their value. 

Here’s my wall of art. There’s one big vintage inspired piece that I actually found at a home decor liquidation store (sorry, it’s not a more interesting story) but it’s mostly a bunch of small pieces. My collection includes pieces from art shows in the park, etsy, greeting cards I saved, gifts from friends, 3D art, embroidery, thrift store finds, design geek prints, my own silk screen print, photo booth moments, vintage mailbox stickers and lastly my huge collection of thank you cards (it’s nice to feel appreciated, don’t you think?). It’s really a completely random collection that I’ve made work together. It’s hard to give instruction or tips on this style because it’s just about having an eye for mixing and matching. 

But I’ve found a ton of great inspiration that’s a little more specific to help you dust off your pieces and pull them together and put them up on display for everyone to see. 

I hope these great spaces inspired you. Don’t be intimidated. In fact, if you see something here you like, I say copy it! It will never be exactly the same because what’s in the frames will always be personal.