{NEW WORK: 30 days of beauty campaign}

This was the third year I’ve worked on the 30 Days of Beauty campaign for Shoppers Drug Mart. It also happens to be the last project I finished up before leaving my full-time job as designer & art director. This year we made it truly 30 days of beauty with a different looks for 30 different occasions, one revealed each day. You’ll have to check out the online or in-store calendar to see all 30 looks (produced by The Kit). But here’s the stunning main look that I art directed. Don’t you love the makeup?!

One of the new in-store elements was a 30 page flip book (on the counter) that I designed that has ‘how to’ for each look. It wasn’t easy getting all the photography, product selection, copy and approvals for that baby but it did eventually get done and I think it adds an important element to the campaign for the customer.

Here’s some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot. The model was stunning, and a great gal too, which is always nice. As you can see it takes a whole lotta stuff and people to make one beautiful photo happen. So although this model was beautiful, don’t be too hard on yourself when you wonder why your hair and makeup doesn’t look that perfect when you go out. This look has inspired me to play around with colour though, I’ve since bought some navy blue & green shadow. Stay tuned for some DIY makeup experiments..ha!

This was the first year that we added television to this campaign. It was the first time I’ve been on a tv set, so that was an interesting new experience. Like photography, there’s still a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. You would be shocked to see the amount of time, people & resources that go into a 15 second tv spot. Here’s a few shots from behind the scenes. 

Lastly, here’s a few behind the scenes Vine videos I made. The concept is that the model is sporting three different looks for three different occasions (street festival, outdoor wedding, cocktail party). Here’s a few clips from the outdoor wedding scene. 

So there’s a little sneak peak of what happens behind the cameras. How great are those looks?! And to think there’s 30 of them! Head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart or to their website to see all the looks and all the daily offers.

Seen here:

Photography: John Van Der Shilden
Hair & Makeup (main look): Tony Masciangelo for P1 Managment
Photography model: Alyssa Ali Elmer Olsen
TV model: Elyssa from Sutherland Models


{style: kisses for national lipstick day}

Today is a day to celebrate beauty whether you’re a beauty fanatic or not. Every woman owns at least one lipstick, it’s like a passage to womanhood. We all have childhood memories of watching our moms put it on when getting ready for a night out, staring in awe as we watched the transformation. Now some of us have embraced our feminine side more than others in the reality of adulthood but there’s still nothing like some colour to bring attention to that smile. 

I personally love a pop of colour and wear lipstick often – it’s one of my favourite accessories!  I love that bright & bold shades are in right now and today is a perfect excuse to either try lipstick for a change or grab a new colour if you’re lipstick lover. Have fun with it. 

turn ’em on in neon: try Nars lipstick in Shiap
red that pops: try Revlon in Love that Red
orange you pretty: try Mac lipstick in Sweet & Sour
pretty in purple: try Cover Girl lipstick in Embrace

{new work: mother’s day beauty}

I just updated my portfolio and thought I would take a minute to show some recent work of mine that happens to be Mother’s Day themed (just in case you haven’t been reminded enough – this Sunday is Mother’s Day!). We decided to keep the design & layout very simple & clean and to really just focus on the photography and product. Fragrance bottles are so pretty, I never really get tired of shooting them.  

Here are some of my favourite spreads…. 

Check out the Shoppers Drug Mart website to see the full product range then head over to your local store to pick up something for Mom & yourself. 

{tribal beauty}

There’s been a little controversy over the use of Native American symbolism in the media recently with No Doubt pulling their most recently music video and Victoria Secret apologizing for one of their famous runway looks at this year’s Victoria Secret show. But politics & history aside, I can’t blame them for being so inspired by the beauty of the feathers, colours & patterns. 

Just like I was inspired by this beautiful image today….

{30 Days of Beauty}

Just a little update on what I’ve been working on during my 9-5pm. Based on the success of last year’s 30 Days of Beauty campaign, Shoppers decided to bring it back this year. The overall look remained the same but the colours and faces were updated.

I just loved working on these beauty shoots. The models were incredible. We had a hard time choosing which shots to use…so much so that we ended up using the stunning red head twice!

It was really nice to see the faces so big in-store, which was a new addition from last year. I also was able experiment with a new print media by designing a Glamma Wrap for the Toronto Star newspaper. It was pretty cool to see my work take over the cover & back of a national newspaper. Here’s a few samples of the print & in-store work as well as a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot.

Go get beautiful at your local Shoppers Drug Mart!

Photography: John van der Shilden
Make up: Anna Nenoiu
Hair: Vittorio Masecchia
Models: Elmer Olsen, Elite, Next

{christmas beauty}

I know, Christmas talk already…sorry I don’t mean to make you barf all over your Halloween costume. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been designing Christmas at work since about June. That is, in fact, the topic of this entry.
What I do.

If you know me personally, you know that I’m a Graphic Designer for Shoppers Drug Mart – working in the Studio at their head office in Toronto. You’ve probably heard me talk about this project that I loved or this other project that I didn’t love so much or how I had a day at a photo shoot or a day with my eyes glued to my computer screen. If you don’t know me, well, see above 🙂

I decided to take an opportunity to showcase one of my more recent projects. Not only because I enjoyed doing it and I think it was an overall success, but also so that some of you actually know what I do now when I talk about work.

I work on mostly all the beauty projects at SDM (includes BeautyBoutique). I’m officially the “beauty girl”. Which is kinda funny if you know me and my lack of makeup skills before I started working here. Every year we do a Beauty Book for Christmas but this year I was given the creative freedom to be a little more edgy, modern and outside the box (well for Shoppers). Thankfully my boss was so busy that she basically just left me and my coworker to do whatever we wanted. Thankfully for her, ‘we did good’.
I watch ALOT of America’s Next Top Model and what’s funny is that as cheese-ball that most of it is, some of it is actually true! I’ve picked up a bunch of makeup tips, heard lots of good stories and yes, even heard the phrase “smile with your eyes”. As far as product shots, you would be surprised what’s hiding behind some of those product or the hijinks it took to make things stand just right. Most of those shots are actually made up of 4-6 different shots that are blended together.

It’s all an illusion my friends. Except for that model’s skin. It really was that amazing. I hated her. And she had a good personality too. I hated her even more. I kid. She was really funny.
Here are a few snapshots of my favourite shots & spreads including some directors *notes. Look for the full book in your nearest Shoppers or delivered in your newspaper.
* This actually the 2nd cover. We had to scrap the 1st one because people didn’t seem to love it as much as I did. We had to have a whole other day scheduled with the model, photographer & makeup artist. But I love it…especially the sequin!

*the photo re-toucher said he’d never had so little re-touching to do on a skin shot before

* this is my favourite product shot from the book.

* sometimes you get requests like, can you please show ALL of these products in one shot and also all of the boxes they come in? It can spell disaster but I love how this turned out. Example of how restrictions can make you more creative.

And of course, this ain’t no one man show. I worked very closely with my creative co-ordinator at work (Juliana) who kept everything organized and the following amazing & creative people:

Model photography – John Van Der Shilden
Model – Vlada from Elite Models
Makeup & Hair – Veronica Chu
Product photography & Styling – Michael Crichton Photography