{point & shoot: Luke Stephenson}

I’m always inspired by beautiful photography. It’s something I want to be better at but for now I’m happy just admiring the work of others. Point & Shoot is a new regular feature to highlight some of my favourites. 

First up is Luke Stephenson’s collection, The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds. Two of my favourite things – birds + colour. So naturally I’m in love with this series. I also love the simplicity, it really showcases the natural beauty of the birds and solid coloured background create great impact. 

I’m partial to budgies but in this case the red canary might be my favourite.


Luke has a very stripped down style of photography and generally very light subject matter, such as his Clown Egg Register series, World Beard & Moustache Championships or Foyer Fauna series. They can’t help but make you smile.