{STYLE: braids for the summer}

It’s taken me forever to grow my hair. Now that it’s finally longer my favourite thing is to wear it in braids. Along with the classic top knot it’s another a great summer style to help with heat and summer frizzies. And depending on what style you choose I find that people are super impressed by your effort. I once showed up on a photo shoot with a crown braid wrapped around my head then all bunched up at the bottom that took me around 5 minutes to do and the photographer asked me “do you make love to your hair like that every morning?”. That kinda attention is worth 5 minutes! 

There’s so many different ways to wear the look and it’s a lot more stylish than the one you had when you were 12. Here’s some great street style pics to give you a little inspiration. 


photo sources (from top): 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Are you itching to try the style but need a little help? Here’s some tutorials to help you out. Just remember that it takes a bit of practice and in my experience braids only get better lookin’ as the day (and your hair) begins to unravel.