{a collection of collections}

I’m a collector, no question about it. I think that’s why I love these illustrated collections so much. There’s something about the power of numbers or showing a group of items that I just gravitate towards. Many of these illustrations also make me feel like summer for some reason. Here’s a collection of collections. Enjoy the inspiration. 

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{spaces: collecting}

This video on Daily Candy inspired me today. I can really relate to this gal’s sense of design. She’s a believer of old and new living together. She also has a killer eye for picking out great vintage for less….which happens to be my favourite hobbie. Flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops – you name it and I’ll find a new treasure. 
Like myself, she also loves collecting – check out the super cool robots! I think it goes with the passion for this type of design (read: obsession). The funny thing is where does collecting end and hoarding begin? haha…something I wonder often.

Watching this made me realize that I have quite a few of my own collections. It’s the whole the total is more than the sum of the parts theory. One vintage tin is pretty nice but 8 vintage tins is way more unique and attracts more attention.

Now you’ve already seen my vintage glass bottles & plate collection from my post earlier this week but here’s check out some of my own personal collections that are sprinkled throughout my living space. (excuse the iPhone on a snowdy day quality photos)