{style: live colourfully}

To say that I love colour would be an understatement. Not only do I love it but I really do live it. The proof is in my Instagram feed with the classic outfit selfies. I’m always trying new bold colour combos and patterns. I don’t think I own anything beige or nude. Do you embrace colour or shy away from it? 

{GOOD EATS: illustrated recipes}

They say don’t play with your food, but what about turning it into art? How fun are these illustrated recipes from Claudia Pearson Illustration?!? I think having just one would add a great punch of colour to your kitchen but imagine having a bunch of them (9″x12″) on a wall……super fun! They would work in a clean & simple kitchen or fit right into a colourful & eclectic space. It’s all about the frame – this collection would look totally different in a white frame with white matting compared to a simple black frame without a matte. 

I’m not so sure there’s enough detail to actually use the recipe (is that 1/2 tsp. of salt or sugar?)  unless you’re a true freestyle chef but they sure do look nice. 


Go on and pick one up from her Etsy shop.  

{point & shoot: Luke Stephenson}

I’m always inspired by beautiful photography. It’s something I want to be better at but for now I’m happy just admiring the work of others. Point & Shoot is a new regular feature to highlight some of my favourites. 

First up is Luke Stephenson’s collection, The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds. Two of my favourite things – birds + colour. So naturally I’m in love with this series. I also love the simplicity, it really showcases the natural beauty of the birds and solid coloured background create great impact. 

I’m partial to budgies but in this case the red canary might be my favourite.


Luke has a very stripped down style of photography and generally very light subject matter, such as his Clown Egg Register series, World Beard & Moustache Championships or Foyer Fauna series. They can’t help but make you smile. 

{design: trend alert pantone colour}

It’s that time of year…Best of Lists and predictions for the upcoming year. Pantone just released the official colour of 2012. And the winner is……….Tangerine Tango!! I’m okay with this since I happen to love this colour. It’s also the shade of my favourite lipstick. 

Pantone definitely is an authority when it comes to colour as is fashion. It’s one of those chicken/egg debates. Who influences whom? Does the fashion industry set the trends or is the fashion industry stealing trends from the mega cool hipsters out there? Either way, hope you like to Tango.

And of course, Pantone offers giftable goodies in the newest “it” colour. 

And for the design nerds out there – here is the breakdown if you’re just dying to use Tangerine Tango on your next project:

{love is fun}

Back to weddings…. …we’ll ’tis the season so it’s probably appropriate.

I just came across this wedding showcase that I had to share. I think this goes down as the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen. I was having fun just looking at it, imagine if you were actually there! The colour, the bikes, the activities, the decor, the people….what a fantastically fun way to celebrate.

{ SPACES: colour in the kitchen }

I’m back! I admit I was hoping that after being away for 10 days and coming back with March behind me that I would be welcomed by Spring in bloom. Not exactly. I figure since it’s not quite spring outside yet that we could try and make it spring inside. I came across a Scandinavian site recently called Huset that’s just bursting with colourful items for your home. And you know those Scandinavians….no shortage of style. The kitchen & dining accessories are especially bright and cheerful. So on this gloomy and chilly day I thought it would be nice to try and imagine a bright and spring filled kitchen. I think any kitchen chore would be easier in a kitchen filled with colour.

I’m especially in love with the transparent coloured dot dishware.