{GOOD EATS: chocolate zucchini loaf}

Guys I just had to pass along this recipe. It’s so good that I made twice in two days! Plus everyone seems to have zucchinis laying around that they don’t know what to do with. 

I took this original recipe and cut out much of the sugar, upped the whole wheat flour and made it a loaf rather than a cake and ditched the glaze all together. It’s super easy and it’s absolutely delicious. I pretty much guarantee you will love it.   

• 2 medium or 1 large zucchini
• 5 tbsp cocoa powder
• 2 tbsp soft butter
• 3 eggs
• 3/4 c. sugar
• 1 1/2 c. applesauce
• 1 tbsp vanilla
• 1 c. all purpose flour
• 1 c. whole wheat flour
• 1 tsp baking soda
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 tsp cinnamon

• preheat oven to 350 degrees
• grate zucchini and spread out on tray with paper towel to absorb moisture. Leave for at least 30-60 minutes.
• combine sugar, eggs, applesauce, zucchini, butter & vanilla until mixed well
• add all the remaining dry ingredients (flour, baking soda, salt, cinammon, cocoa powder)
• stir until all ingredients are thoroughly combined then place in well greased loaf pan
• cook on middle rack for 60-70 minutes until toothpick comes out clean

* makes one large loaf