{handmade: harvest time}

Isn’t it great how many options there are for the non-crafty types who like to have and give crafty things? Or more like the ‘I wish I had time to do stuff like that’ types. Sure, Etsy is amazing and we’re all guilty of spending just a tiny bit of time browsing & buying on Saturday mornings but it’s kinda nice to be able to check out the item in person and meet the hard working artist behind it. 

If you’re in the Ottawa area, come by and visit Handmade Harvest this Saturday, May 3 in beautiful Almonte. It’s the brain-child of my very close friend and sister-from-another-mister Emily Arbour and her crafting partner in crime, Colleen Hewitt. 

It’s a juried show so you’ll only find the cream of the crop crafters. And if you haven’t been to Almonte before then this is a great opportunity to take a little weekend trip or drive to check out the show as well as all the other great local art and food available in charming Almonte. I’ll be there volunteering and shopping and not necessarily in that order. 

When: Saturday May 4th, 10am-4pm
Where: Almonte Agricultural Hall (map)
BONUS: The first 50 people in the door get handmade swag bags full of items from each vendor. 

Here’s a small roundup of what you’ll see this weekend. 



{handmade: city of craft}

Need some plans this weekend? If you’re going to be in Toronto, plan to get your CRAFT ON at the Spring City of Craft show  on Saturday. This show just keeps getting better and better since it’s first in 2007. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find. It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up a gift for Mother’s Day. Ok, and maybe a little something for yourself.

If you don’t live in Toronto but see something you like, most of these crafty people are also on Etsy, see links below. 

Oh and how beautiful is the City of Craft illustration! That’s the work of talented illustrator Kristen McCrea, who will also be at the show. 


{handmade: one of a kind}

It’s that time of year again. The Spring One of a Kind Show (OOAK) is happening this week, March 27-31 at the Direct Energy building in Toronto. It’s always been a big show but with the handmade movement in full swing, the bar has been raised and it’s set to be amazing so save some pennies.  

When you think of one of a kind, you also may think of Etsy. Which is why it’s only natural that Etsy and OOAK are working together. Etsy did a great job of pulling together an online look book that features 40 artisans that will be at the show who also have Etsy shops. Great idea! 

Of course I checked it all out and they were all great. I encourage you to take a look and do some pre-show window shopping so you can better plan your big day at the show. But until then I went and pulled some of my favourite items from the featured artists. (PS: I have those beautiful gold dipped earrings and love them!)

1  Pillow cover by mummiquilts
2  Bow Tie by Handsome and Lace
3  Leather jewelry by Love at First Blush
4  Vegan handmade soap by aidebodycare
5  linen napkin by SMITHhandmade
6  Apricot and Tea necklace by CandiWareJewelry
7  Organic cotton burp clothes by organicquiltcompany
8  awesome undies by The Candi Factory

See you at the show!!

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{spring harvest recap}

All the anticipation has come….and gone. The Spring Handmade Harvest Craft Show was a big success. Now that the dust has settled it’s time to recap.

As I mentioned before, I managed to pull my act together and get a table full of goodies. Actually I think overcompensated and went a little crazy. The show was definitely buzzing with lots of people, even a big line-up to get in but I don’t think everyone goes quite as gaga in the Spring as they do before the holidays. Actually it was interesting because items like my photography and patterned buttons, which I sold a bunch of in November weren’t as popular this time around. But then other items like my more random, kitchy buttons and the herb spoons were a big success! By far the best selling item of the day (I sold out!) was the “I Heart Almonte” buttons. I thought it would be cute but didn’t know if people would really go for it. Of course now I wish I made more.

Here’s some photo snapshots of the day:

Emily & Colleen, the two ladies behind Handmade Harvest. How cute (and calm) do they look!

Full house at the Almonte Agricultural Hall. Loved the venue!!

Here’s me in my little piece of real estate:

My table before the doors opened:

And some closer looks….

Herb engraved re-purposed spoons.

Silk-screen prints:

Vintage napkins & silk-screen shoe bags:

Lots of handmade greeting cards:

and lastly…more buttons and gift tags.

Here’s me with Em and professional shopper, Marie-Lou.

Overall I think the day was a great success. Em & Colleen did a great job with all the pre-planning so that it was all so easy for the vendors.

I even got to do it all again. Well almost. I took all my left over merchandise, which was still a nice selection and set up shop at work on lunch one day, which was also a big success.

Between the two shows I’ve raised $700 for Shoppers Weekend to End Women’s Cancers walk that I’m doing in September. So in the end, all the time (and there was ALOT of it) and hard work is for a good cause and worth it.

{spring harvest}

This post is a little late…that’s mostly because I was working on many of these items right up until the last minute.

If you remember I participated in the amazing Handmade Harvest show last Fall..and well folks, winter has come and gone and it’s time for the Spring Harvest, this Saturday, May 7th. Just in time for some last minute Mother’s Day shopping! The last show was such a success that the ladies decided to go big or go home for Spring with more vendors and a bigger venue.

I decided to once again have a table, not only because it was such a success last time but because I thought it would be a great way to raise some money for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer walk that I’m doing this coming September.

Soooooooooo……even though all my intentions were good I didn’t anticipate the bad timing and hiccups along the way that slowed me down a little. If you’ve ever been a crafter you know how time consuming it is. Well my calendar kept filling up and it was tight to fit in the crafting time. Also crafting can be a little bit of an experiment sometimes…and well many of my experiments didn’t really go as planned.

BUT – with all that said despite some frustrations I’ve managed to pull together a table full of goodies 🙂 I didn’t take as many pictures of my progress this time (let’s just say I wasn’t always in the mood) but I did manage to capture a taste of what I’ll be offering.

Some retro-inspired silk-screen prints on old book pages. Little bonus – I love how the name of the book, printed on the top of the pages is Rebecca. It can be the name of the pinup, the bike or the robot.Cute!

A bunch of hand-crafted paper goodies:

And some mixed paper & fabric pieces. Nothing like sewing paper! This was shot before the sewing machine..but I’m thankful to report, all went well.

And then even though my vintage napkin ideas didn’t really work I thought it would still be nice to sell them as great little sets as is. A nice little vintage flare for the table. This is the before shot. I prettied these babies up with some cute ribbon and gift tags.

What’s not shown is some cute fabric gift tags and the same cute buttons and fun polka-dot felt garland I did last time, as well as some photography. I know…a full booth! I like to think of it more as a little store. My craft A.D.D doesn’t work well with the idea of doing a full table of only one thing. Gotta mix it up!

So if you’re in the Ottawa area this weekend, Almonte to be exact, come by with your mom or pick her up something nice. And maybe a few things for yourself too 🙂

See you there!

{DIY: sweet hereafter}

It’s so funny how you anticipate something for so long and it seems so far away, then all of a sudden it’s come……and gone!

The much anticipated Handmade Harvest craft show was this past weekend. I’m so happy to report that it was a HUGE success! So happy for Emily & Colleen. Must’ve been great to see all their planning and hard work come to life and have such a big turnout. There wasn’t tickets or anyone at the door to know numbers but I can say that the traffic didn’t even start to slow down until around 3 or 4pm. And before noon it was just a circus!

People were ready to shop!

Me working it. I really had no idea this picture was taken.

I was a little nervous going in – you know there’s always that fear that no one will like anything. But I had a great day and lots of positive feedback about my stuff. The buttons & tags were a big hit and the place mats were a surprise hit, I sold out! I also got a ton of great comments about my photography and sold a bunch of those. My last minute arts & crafts felt party garland ended up being very popular and I sold out as well as even getting a few requests for more. The only thing that didn’t really sell were the silk-screened shoe bags. I thought they were cute! But I guess the fine folks of Almonte just aren’t as into fancy dinner parties where having the perfect pair of dress shoes for your outfit is a must. They probably have more fun in their comfy socks anyway.

Here’s the booth at the beginning of the day. Came together even though I was late and had to pretty much throw down everything 10min before the doors were open.

And I even have a picture from a shopper (Thanks to the Lotans, who stopped by my booth a couple times that day) with their Party Garland up in their kitchen window already.

Overall a great day! I’m sure the upcoming Spring show will be even bigger & better.