{NEW WORK: 30 days of beauty campaign}

This was the third year I’ve worked on the 30 Days of Beauty campaign for Shoppers Drug Mart. It also happens to be the last project I finished up before leaving my full-time job as designer & art director. This year we made it truly 30 days of beauty with a different looks for 30 different occasions, one revealed each day. You’ll have to check out the online or in-store calendar to see all 30 looks (produced by The Kit). But here’s the stunning main look that I art directed. Don’t you love the makeup?!

One of the new in-store elements was a 30 page flip book (on the counter) that I designed that has ‘how to’ for each look. It wasn’t easy getting all the photography, product selection, copy and approvals for that baby but it did eventually get done and I think it adds an important element to the campaign for the customer.

Here’s some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot. The model was stunning, and a great gal too, which is always nice. As you can see it takes a whole lotta stuff and people to make one beautiful photo happen. So although this model was beautiful, don’t be too hard on yourself when you wonder why your hair and makeup doesn’t look that perfect when you go out. This look has inspired me to play around with colour though, I’ve since bought some navy blue & green shadow. Stay tuned for some DIY makeup experiments..ha!

This was the first year that we added television to this campaign. It was the first time I’ve been on a tv set, so that was an interesting new experience. Like photography, there’s still a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. You would be shocked to see the amount of time, people & resources that go into a 15 second tv spot. Here’s a few shots from behind the scenes. 

Lastly, here’s a few behind the scenes Vine videos I made. The concept is that the model is sporting three different looks for three different occasions (street festival, outdoor wedding, cocktail party). Here’s a few clips from the outdoor wedding scene. 

So there’s a little sneak peak of what happens behind the cameras. How great are those looks?! And to think there’s 30 of them! Head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart or to their website to see all the looks and all the daily offers.

Seen here:

Photography: John Van Der Shilden
Hair & Makeup (main look): Tony Masciangelo for P1 Managment
Photography model: Alyssa Ali Elmer Olsen
TV model: Elyssa from Sutherland Models


{DESIGN: vintage type in your neighbourhood}

I’ve been living in Toronto for 14 year now. I’ve covered the whole compass – living in the North, East, West, mid-town and now in the South. On my commutes to the North end of the city I go through some more established neighbourhoods with many old apartment buildings. These buildings have great names and architectural features, some maintained better than others. What I’ve been admiring all these years is their original signs. Being a graphic designer & vintage lover I was immediately in love with all the old type. Sadly many of the buildings have replaced the beautiful original signs with flat, non-original 2D printed signs but there’s still a handful around. I’ve wanted to do a mini-photo series for years and finally got around to it. Don’t you think they have wayyyyy more character than all the new condos that are going up with gimmicky names like ‘Young & Rich’. ‘Celebrity Place’, ‘Be Bloor’. 

{GOOD EATS: illustrated recipes}

They say don’t play with your food, but what about turning it into art? How fun are these illustrated recipes from Claudia Pearson Illustration?!? I think having just one would add a great punch of colour to your kitchen but imagine having a bunch of them (9″x12″) on a wall……super fun! They would work in a clean & simple kitchen or fit right into a colourful & eclectic space. It’s all about the frame – this collection would look totally different in a white frame with white matting compared to a simple black frame without a matte. 

I’m not so sure there’s enough detail to actually use the recipe (is that 1/2 tsp. of salt or sugar?)  unless you’re a true freestyle chef but they sure do look nice. 


Go on and pick one up from her Etsy shop.  

{style: vintage swimwear}

Less is more is a good rule but there’s always exceptions. Like the swimwear in these beautifully illustrated vintage ads from Rose Marie Reid Swimwear. The swimwear is true fashion and the ads are beautifully designed. So much thought & style. I love the bright & bold backgrounds and the perfect use of white space. If ads were this nice to look at today, I wouldn’t be skipping them so much. They don’t make swimsuits or ads like they used to!

{natural beauty}

Take a look at this beautifully simple package design. The clean design is appropriate as it’s a natural, all organic beauty line. Simple product, simple design. The product is from Jacqueline Evans, a certified Naturopath from Australia. It’s so rare to see something so simple on the shelf. 

I understand that there may be a few more elements that have to be considered for certain products and that little detail of squeezing two languages on everything in Canada but some of the big brands could take note. This would grab my attention on a busy store shelf any day. 

{artist showcase: amy sia}

I recently came across the bright and bold work of Amy Sia and had to share. She’s an Australian textile print designer based out of London.  As it turns out her amazing work is no secret as her prints and patterns have been featured globally. But if you haven’t come across her work before he’s a preview. 

It’s hard to resist her watercolour-like bold prints. It’s the perfect pop of colour in your life and hey, you can have just that. Here’s a small preview of the products available in her attention grabbing prints.  

Check out Amy’s Pinterest account to see an endless stream of her patterns & product. 

{graphic design: type it out}

I’ve been having a bit of creative block recently when it comes to design so I thought I would find some new fonts to freshen things up a bit. I found a bunch that I really like from Free Typography. It’s a great resource for type lovers.

I’m looking forward to using them!

Get ’em here: