{SPACES: chairs as colourful as you}

Who says everything always has to match? Well I definitely don’t say that, pretty much ever. I think people get the idea that when it comes to furniture, mixing and matching is a good thing and pre-packeged ‘sets’ are a bad thing (no offence if you have one, I’m happy to help you with that little faux pa). For example, it’s great to have your dining table one style and mix it up with different but complentary style chairs. Absolutely. Well how about mixing up the chairs? I love this look. Same style of chair but multiple colours. Obviously not for everyone but doesn’t it just make for a happy space?

photo sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/

Inspired to switch it up a little around the dining table? Even if you just do the two ends different colours, that would add some happy to your table. Here’s some great chairs that come in fun colours. 

get ’em here: chair 1 /chair 2chair 3chair 4chair 5chair 6