{ EVENTS: outdoor rooftop movie night }

Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I moved into my place with a big rooftop patio is host a movie night up there. It only took 5 years but I made it happen! 

Here was the invite I designed. I kept the guest list pretty small because I wanted everyone to have a cozy seat. It also happened to be a musically inclined guest list so I thought it would be fun to rewind a bit with one of my favourites, Almost Famous. So many great actors that I love. I totally forgot that Zooey Deschanel played William’s older sister. 

I created a comfy floor seating area using a big fabulous velvet-like bed cover I found on a thrifting hunt awhile back and then got a bunch of colourful big pillows from Homesense and gathered up a bunch of blankets. You can tell what my favourite colours are because everything I pulled together happens to match – lots of pink/orange/green/mustard. The patio plants added lots of colour and looked great. And of course what’s a summer patio without a string of lights? These are from Target. Pick them up while they’re in season or else they’re impossible to find.  

No movie night would be complete without the snacks right? It’s usually more like, what movie would you like to watch with your night of snacking? I went with classic butter popcorn, cold sodas and a tray full of chocolate & candy. Yum! Then, just in case you didn’t read the invite closely & to add to the decor I made a handmade marquee-style sign with some chalkboard paint and an old frame. This can me reused for a bunch of events. 

Here’s a great panoramic of the set up. I bought a portable photostand and I happen to have some photo backdrops from work but you could just drape a white sheet as well. And that view! not bad. I wanted to move away from the traditional black/white/red movie theme and instead use lots of bright summer colours. 

It was a perfect night. My only regret is waiting so late in the summer to do it because I would love to do it again. Maybe I can host a fall version with more blankets and hot chocolate instead of soda on ice.
It was a successful & fun movie night with friends on a beautiful summer night.I’ll leave you with my favourite scene from the movie. Every time I hear this song I think of this scene. So good! 


{ DIY: patio party decor }

Yesterday I posted about a great dinner party I hosted on my rooftop patio that included a few DIY decor projects that I promised I would share. These projects were especially great because it was a chance to be creative with what I had around my place. I made three decor elements; some bunting to go with my great string of lights, a table runner made from doilies, and name holders made from super cheap forks. These elements really added to the atmosphere and upped the wow factor. 

First up is the bunting. I looked through my bin of scrap fabric and found this collection which worked together. As you know, I’m not a fan of matchy matchy so just make sure if you’re going to mix patterns that you stick with the same colour family.  

Next step is to cut out a bunch of triangles using a template for size. Then we get to the sewing part and I’m going to come out and admit that this is the lazy girl’s technique. You could give it a more finished look by adding a strip of ribbon that would cover the edges. But if you’re ok with it looking a little more handmade you can just keep sewing in one big line going from one piece to the other (with a touch of overlap). 

Then you’ll get something like this (above) which looks pretty sweet when it’s hanging. 

The next project was the doily table runner. There really isn’t any steps to show for this. I found a ton of great doilies during one of my thrift store trips and I didn’t really have a plan for them. I had seen this idea before and thought I would try myself. I laid them out first to decide placement then I  took a good ol’ needle & thread and added a few stitches where the points met. It seems daunting at first but it went by pretty quickly. This large runner (this pic only show about 75% of it) took me about an hour to stitch. 

And lastly I made name holders out of forks. It’s key to buy inexpensive forks because you want them to bend easily. Take pliers and just got at it. Depending on the base of your fork, it may or may not stand on it’s on but once you put the napkin in, it should stand. Then stick the name tag in between the fork prongs. I cheated (again) and just printed out the names in a font I loved and then traced in gold market. 

There you go – three steps to kick up your dinner party wow factor. It can definitely be some work but it really makes it extra special, and makes great Instagram content 🙂

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{DIY : turning plastic hangers into gold}

I’ve been working on some great creative shoots the past few days that I can’t wait to share with you! But until then, this mini DIY that I did on set seemed to be a hit on my Instagram so I thought I would share. The truth is that I didn’t have the time or cash to buy a bunch of matching hangers BUT I did have a can of gold spray paint. I went through a faze earlier this summer where I wanted to paint everything gold. I got a little fix today playing Midas and spray painted these mis-matched cheap plastic hangers gold and what a difference!

Don’t they look so much better!? (excuse the blurry photo)

{SPACES: put it in the calendar}

I realized that I could’ve done a whole week’s theme on working from home so you can look forward to more home office/DIY/inspiration posts while I’m working my way through this transition. 

 Monday is a good day to get organized don’t you agree? You’re already a little down because the weekend is over and in denial that you indeed have to tackle your inbox or your growing ‘to do’ list. There’s no better form of procrastination than cleaning up and getting organized. How many times have you done everything you can think of, include cleaning under the sofa before tackling what you really need to do? For me I’m struggling with keeping a schedule and need a little help with planning. Being a visual person, I’ve decided the best thing to add to my work-in-progress workspace (inspiration here)is a wall calendar so I can see it all laid out in front of me. Here’s some great & stylish inspiration I found to incorporate a calendar into your workspace.  

1 / 2a2b / 3 / 4a / 4b / 5 / 6a / 6b / 7 / 8 / 9

{DIY: projects to keep you busy all year}

I thought I would load you up with a bunch inspirational DIY’s for the weekend – you know just in case you’re looking for something to do. Today’s DIY roundup come from fellow blogger Rachel and her clever yet simple idea called 52 Weeks Project. I met Rachel at the AltSF conference and loved her bright red bob and creative & colourful style. Her blog concept is simple – she shares one DIY project every week. Her concept came from carving out a little crafting time for herself each week to escape her hectic life – which I think many of us can relate to. 

Here’s a roundup of my favourite 10 projects that can be found in her Project Gallery. Links to instructions below. Happy crafting!


1   fabric art
2   water colour gift tags
3   upcycled earrings
4   bathroom tile coasters
5   painterly iPhone case
6   double-sided mouspad
7   colour dipped photos
8   paint swatch art
9   painted silverware
10  stenciled tote

{DIY: one of a kind sweet table}

So this is actually both a Thrifting 101 and DIY post all rolled into one. It’s a fabulous (and sweet) DIY that uses items you can find at a thrift shop. See how it easy it is to make beautiful serving stands and put together a unique & impressive looking sweet table for your next event.

It’s pretty simple (read: craft prone proof) and the end result is beautiful & impressive. There is only 3 things you need to make these beauties – some glass candle stick holders, old plates and ceramic glue or epoxy. 
To get the best result, choose various heights of candle stick holders and I like them to all be a bit different in shape as well. 

As for the plates – choose a variety of colour/pattern/size. Try choosing ones that have details or colour on the border so the pretty part isn’t covered by the sweets on top. I particularly love the ones with gold detail, they look all fancy.

Next is the hard part, which isn’t very hard at all. Make sure the dishes and candle stick holders have been washed well & dry then put a generous amount of glue on the top of the candle holder and place (with the plate facing down) in the middle of the plate. Most plates have little brand marks in the centre to help you out or if you want you can figure it ahead of time and make a small mark. I just eye-balled it because I like to be crazy like that. 

Let them dry for a full day or follow instructions on the glue package and then voila! You have some beautiful looking sweet stands for your table. 

I cheated and picked up some of the sweets at My Market Bakery in Kensington Market but I did make the mini-cupcakes myself, thank you very much. Including the super cute toppers (bonus DIY!) They are also super easy to make and a great use for your washi tape. You just fold over the tape around a toothpick then cut out a little triangle to make the flag. Super. Easy. 

So there you have your 2 for the price of 1 with a bonus DIY post. I apologize if this would’ve been more helpful before the 3 bridal or baby showers you’ve already hosted this summer but hey, you can always find a reason to set up a sweet table. This would also be great for a wedding if you’re looking to add some uniqueness to your reception. Or just pull them out for a girly tea afternoon with friends. 

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{DIY: gold monogram mug}

Here’s a simple DIY project for the weekend that makes a great personalized gift – for a great hostess, teacher, friend or make one for yourself to keep on your desk at work.

– permanent metallic marker
– sticker letter set
– white or solid colour mug

I got the letters & mug at the dollar store. I already had the Sharpies but they had metallic markers at the dollar store as well.  

Stick down the letter and make sure to press down all the edges really well. I didn’t do such a great job of this of my first try and the marker bled underneath a bit. 

Start making dots around the edge first to create the negative space of the letter, then slowly grow the dots outwards making them further apart as you go. 

You’ll end up with something like this. You could also try doing a small word shape (a heart would be cute!). Carefully remove the sticker and you’ll have your finished mug!