{artsy fartsy: Toronto Artist Expo}

There’s always a ton of great art events in Toronto, it’s part of what makes it such a great city. Last weekend I went to check out the big Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It’s a huge outdoor exhibit right in the centre of the city. Even though the insanely hot weather made it a bit tougher to wander around in the middle of the day, I still enjoyed it and came home with a new piece that I love.

I was sucked in by the Lucky Jackson booth. The artist (let’s call her Lucky) oozed with cool character & charm and had a huge friendly smile. Embroidery pop-ish art is her thing (that’s my term, not hers). Her colourful vintage inspired pieces sucked me in, not surprisingly. She did a bunch of celebrity portraits but my favourites were the other characters & scenes she had.

Here’s the beauty I took home. According to my friends it could be a self portrait…hmmm.

Here are some of her other pieces that I loved. Check out her store and website to see all her work or even buy a piece if you’re so inclined. She’s working on a project where she makes a new one every day of the year, so there’s lots to choose from.

Here are some other artists that caught my attention:

Carmen Schroeder and his amazing & super detailed 3D paper drawings. You really had to see these in person to get the full layering effect. I love that they’re scenes from Toronto. 

Ross Bonfanti and his kinda creepy but charming heavy heads & concreatures. I know these may not be for everyone but I liked them. The animals were once stuffed animals, then stuffed with concrete then pulled off, leaving a new look of their former selves. I particularly like the stick-ish characters with the baby doll heads. It’s hard to tell by the photo but these were very small pieces. 

Lastly I really loved the mixed media pieces by Lili & Jojo. These are great but would be even more special if you either commissioned or attempted to make a piece on your own using old family photos. It’s such an interesting way to display your family history. 


{artist showcase: Jasmine Berakha}

I was so overly inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Creature Comforts, today. So many beautiful images and art. It really sparked something in me. I was especially taken by this amazing embroidery art by Jasmine Berakha. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I just love it! I wish she was on etsy or there was a way for me to buy a piece.

As I’ve mentioned before I just love mixed media art and I also love colour. These pieces incorporate both so beautifully along with great pattern & texture. The detail is just amazing.
Take a look..
This is my favourite – I love the colour combos

But this is a close second

With a closer look at detail