{trend alert: pineapples}

Have you guys noticed there’s a little more pineapple going around these days? I sure did on my last window shopping trip at the mall. It makes for such fun imagery and great patterns and mostly it reminds us of warm weather and summer. Everyone needs a little pineapple in their life. 

MIDDLE: t-shirt, tank
BOTTOM: purse, dress


{style: DIY scarf shirt for summer}

When I saw Nina Ricci’s new 2014 resort collection I fell in love with the mix’n match silk scarf patterns and fabrics. It’s a little like runway DIY. 

 It reminded me of these great shirts I used to make from scarves years ago. I was inspired to go back to that amazing DIY sewing project and make some new shirts for the summer. Scroll down to see the crazy easy (minimal) sewing instructions.
STEP 1: pick up a colourful scarf at your local thrift shop. Keep to a larger size and silk or synthetic material because it will drape nicer than a cotton. If the scarf is really transparent but you love the pattern, you can double it up with a complementary solid colour underneath for a pretty layered look. 
STEP 2: choose what you want as the top and pin that corner as well as where you want the ribbon tie to be. It may be helpful to try it on around your neck with the pin to determine where you want the tie as scarf size and waist height can differ. 

STEP 3: sew the corner and the ribbon. It’s smart to go over it twice. 
Done and done! You will look super hip, stylish, and sexy all while staying nice and cool this summer. And believe it or not this style is super comfortable and flattering on almost everyone. If you’re not totally comfortable with the backless style, add a colourful tube top or bando. 

Thanks to my wonderful model Kristyn who looked amazing and was a natural in front of the camera.Doesn’t it just make you want to dig through your closet for those scarves you bought but never wear?! Umm, yes!

{STYLE: form & fashion}

So what do you get when you combine three of my favourite things, travel + design + fashion? You get these great poster mash ups from Miss Moss. They are inspired by the D&G collection shown at Milan fashion week (Sept 2012). The bold prints, patterns and colours were reminiscent of exotic locations around the world so she paired them up with vintage travel posters (easier said than done!) The result is great. It really looks like these models walked right off the runway and around the globe.  

There’s your dose of summer inspiration for the day. Tell me that doesn’t make you want to go book a vacation or at the very least give you a serious case of wanderlust? 

{to the Max}

I’ve been a big fan of Max Wanger for awhile. I’m most familiar with his romantic/engagement/wedding photography, which I’ve blogged about before. It was only recently that I discovered his fashion photography. I love his lighting, the pops of colour and feeling of whimsy in his fashion photos. The fashion industry can take itself a little seriously sometimes so it’s nice to see it lighten up a bit. Being a stylist on these shoots would’ve been a ton of fun.

Many (not all) of these photos were shot for ban do – a super fun & colourful accessories company. What a great client to work for!

{artist showcase: Fernando Brizio}

So this is a little crazy but so interesting, and of course pretty. Italian designer Fernando Brizio has come up with a creative solution for renewable clothing. His idea is to make a white dress with lots of little pockets that house uncapped markers. The markers bleed their ink, leaving a beautiful textile pattern. The artistic concept behind it is that you can wear a different one-of-a-kind piece of art to any function. The dress & ink is washable so you can change what you want it to look time each time.

Take a look:

Isn’t that so unique?! I’m going to make an assumption that you would remove the markers before you wear the dress out. Something to consider would be all the trial & error and experimental time spent getting this just right so it looks beautiful. He would’ve had to figure out exactly how much ink each marker holds, the size of the bleed, the time it took to bleed and space out the pockets accordingly based on how he wanted the finished product to look. There is some serious left & right brain thinking behind this one.

I think this is so neat but I do question the renewable factor. I get that the one dress can be reinvented many times over but not sure about all the discarded markers? Oh well, can’t win them all. At least no one will be wearing your dress and you will definitely have something interesting to talk about.

{style: looking good by Lauren Moffatt}

Looks like I’m feeling the fashion these days. First the oh so hip & stylish Blake Lively and today the cool creations of Lauren Moffatt. Her fashion is described as ‘vintage chic’ which is bang on. And also probably the reason I love it so much. Well I don’t love every single piece…but almost every single piece. I love how she balances the vintage feel with a fresh & cool perspective. There is lots of colour and fun with a sophisticated twist.

The styling in these shots also help to bring the clothes up a level and create a complete look. The hats, shades, socks, belts, handbags & jewelry are all used to make each look unique. For example, I love how they made a modern shaped dress out of a folky looking material and finished it with a metal studded belt. And it looks perfect!

I really like looks that highlight the waist. There’s something classic & feminine about it. It also happens to be a very hot look right now. Not surprisingly those are the looks of Lauren’s that are my favourite.

Take a peek: