{artsy souvenirs}

One of the sweetest escapes in the world is, well, exploring the world.

Aside from photos and memories of course, my favourite souvenirs from my trips are artistic ones. Having a creative memento in my home from a trip is such a great way to take me back to that place. 

My latest adventure was a trip to Vietnam in January. Boy did it ever live up to it’s reputation as a beautiful country. You can see a tiny visual snapshot in this post over here

I saw many beautiful pieces when I was there but the truth is that the Asian aesthetic just doesn’t fit with my decor. Then one day I visited a studio where all the pieces were handmade by locals with disabilities and I was really drawn to the embroidery pieces. I found something that was SO me. Needless to say, I fell in love with a piece and it became my souvenir of Vietnam. 

I just finally got it properly framed & hung it up. It’s a beauty!

I was immediately drawn to the colour and I love the contrast to the simple black background. The detail is unbelievable. It’s 100% hand embroidered. Even the black background!

Here’s a look of the local women at work at the studio. It made me appreciate it even more to see the time & effort that goes into one piece. 

Check out the crazy detail. I chose to get it framed in a shadow box to show it off even more. 

Man, it even looks good from the back. Now that’s a sign of a great piece of art.