thrifting 101: be the bartender}

The theme of this thrifting 101 post is all about cocktail hour. It’s also about patience. If you wait long enough you will find that your random finds can make a fabulous collection. These are all items I found at thrift stores for a few dollars each and over time I’ve got a great looking vintage barware collection. 
Now just add some fresh (or faux) flowers, a cute accessory and of course some of the good stuff to drink and you have yourself a bar that’s ready for some fancy cocktails. (ps: the tray is also a thrift store find)


{four eyes}

I was inspired today by Tuesday’s Girl – a regular post on one of my very favourite blogs (top 3) sfgirlbybay. It’s a little shout out to girls in glasses. I don’t wear glasses all the time but I have several pairs and I admit that I do enjoy them. As the post mentions and my good friend MLG supports – men aren’t into women with glasses. I tend to disagree. Hello – who came up with the popular sexy librarian fantasy? Probably not a woman.

Either way, it’s a good excuse to post this fun picture of me and the hair stylist having some fun on a recent photoshoot with me wearing some super trendy glasses.