{DESIGN: vintage type in your neighbourhood}

I’ve been living in Toronto for 14 year now. I’ve covered the whole compass – living in the North, East, West, mid-town and now in the South. On my commutes to the North end of the city I go through some more established neighbourhoods with many old apartment buildings. These buildings have great names and architectural features, some maintained better than others. What I’ve been admiring all these years is their original signs. Being a graphic designer & vintage lover I was immediately in love with all the old type. Sadly many of the buildings have replaced the beautiful original signs with flat, non-original 2D printed signs but there’s still a handful around. I’ve wanted to do a mini-photo series for years and finally got around to it. Don’t you think they have wayyyyy more character than all the new condos that are going up with gimmicky names like ‘Young & Rich’. ‘Celebrity Place’, ‘Be Bloor’. 


{natural beauty}

Take a look at this beautifully simple package design. The clean design is appropriate as it’s a natural, all organic beauty line. Simple product, simple design. The product is from Jacqueline Evans, a certified Naturopath from Australia. It’s so rare to see something so simple on the shelf. 

I understand that there may be a few more elements that have to be considered for certain products and that little detail of squeezing two languages on everything in Canada but some of the big brands could take note. This would grab my attention on a busy store shelf any day. 

{life of a designer}

If you’re a graphic designer then I’m sure you can relate to some of these. I’ve had some of these exact sentences said to me, more than once. 

Well Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy decided to turn their “favorite worst feedback” into something creative and created a the Sharp Suit Series. They collaborated with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more to get some frustrations out in a creative way. 

Here’s some of my favourites – more for the feedback than the designs.

See the full series here

{new work: mother’s day beauty}

I just updated my portfolio and thought I would take a minute to show some recent work of mine that happens to be Mother’s Day themed (just in case you haven’t been reminded enough – this Sunday is Mother’s Day!). We decided to keep the design & layout very simple & clean and to really just focus on the photography and product. Fragrance bottles are so pretty, I never really get tired of shooting them.  

Here are some of my favourite spreads…. 

Check out the Shoppers Drug Mart website to see the full product range then head over to your local store to pick up something for Mom & yourself. 

{posters & spaces}

A few days behind here but I’m madly in love with these Mad Men posters that I just came across. Designed by South African studio Radio. I love the monochromatic colour schemes. They would look great as a collection but also each on it’s own. 

Pair it up with something similar in your space. I think I just created something I’m going to call: