{ DIY: patio party decor }

Yesterday I posted about a great dinner party I hosted on my rooftop patio that included a few DIY decor projects that I promised I would share. These projects were especially great because it was a chance to be creative with what I had around my place. I made three decor elements; some bunting to go with my great string of lights, a table runner made from doilies, and name holders made from super cheap forks. These elements really added to the atmosphere and upped the wow factor. 

First up is the bunting. I looked through my bin of scrap fabric and found this collection which worked together. As you know, I’m not a fan of matchy matchy so just make sure if you’re going to mix patterns that you stick with the same colour family.  

Next step is to cut out a bunch of triangles using a template for size. Then we get to the sewing part and I’m going to come out and admit that this is the lazy girl’s technique. You could give it a more finished look by adding a strip of ribbon that would cover the edges. But if you’re ok with it looking a little more handmade you can just keep sewing in one big line going from one piece to the other (with a touch of overlap). 

Then you’ll get something like this (above) which looks pretty sweet when it’s hanging. 

The next project was the doily table runner. There really isn’t any steps to show for this. I found a ton of great doilies during one of my thrift store trips and I didn’t really have a plan for them. I had seen this idea before and thought I would try myself. I laid them out first to decide placement then I  took a good ol’ needle & thread and added a few stitches where the points met. It seems daunting at first but it went by pretty quickly. This large runner (this pic only show about 75% of it) took me about an hour to stitch. 

And lastly I made name holders out of forks. It’s key to buy inexpensive forks because you want them to bend easily. Take pliers and just got at it. Depending on the base of your fork, it may or may not stand on it’s on but once you put the napkin in, it should stand. Then stick the name tag in between the fork prongs. I cheated (again) and just printed out the names in a font I loved and then traced in gold market. 

There you go – three steps to kick up your dinner party wow factor. It can definitely be some work but it really makes it extra special, and makes great Instagram content 🙂

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{etsy love: dip it}

I was looking through my Etsy Love Pinterest folder and realized that I have a thing for wooden handmade goods dipped in turquoise. Well wouldn’t you too? Look how great it looks!

get ’em on Etsy: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

{thrifting 101: planter with a twist}

This is a double duty project – DIY and thrifting. I came across this huge glass jar. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I knew it was great so I scooped it up. 

It would make a great home for the start of a new or current collection (wine corks?) and it would make a fabulous terrarium but I’ve really been into leafy plants lately so I decided to make it a planter. The twist is that I decided to make it more interesting by adding some layers that you could see through the glass. 

I found these great stones & coloured sand at Ikea for a few dollars each as well as the plant. I had a bunch of soil left over from my patio planting last summer. 

So here’s an example where not everything always goes to plan. This was a bit of an experiment and overall it turned out well but there’s a few things I would’ve done differently. 

First I started off with stones on the bottom. I would actually put a small layer (3″) of soil down first if I did it again. Use both packs of stones for a layer above that. 

Next step: put some more soil and on top of that your coloured sand. Make sure you spread it nicely and pack it down a bit.  Lastly put some more soil and your plant. Super easy!

I got a little carried away with the soil but you may want to make the coloured sand layer lower so that there’s more empty space left at the top. In my case I needed to add a bunch of soil to cover the plant and it went right to the top. 

Overall I’m happy with the result and it fits in nicely in my new favourite green corner. 

Oh and look, there’s another great thrifting tip – you can use an old suitcase as a much more interesting and decorative way to store your vinyl collection. It invites people to take a peak instead of having them hidden in a cupboard.  

{handmade: harvest time}

Isn’t it great how many options there are for the non-crafty types who like to have and give crafty things? Or more like the ‘I wish I had time to do stuff like that’ types. Sure, Etsy is amazing and we’re all guilty of spending just a tiny bit of time browsing & buying on Saturday mornings but it’s kinda nice to be able to check out the item in person and meet the hard working artist behind it. 

If you’re in the Ottawa area, come by and visit Handmade Harvest this Saturday, May 3 in beautiful Almonte. It’s the brain-child of my very close friend and sister-from-another-mister Emily Arbour and her crafting partner in crime, Colleen Hewitt. 

It’s a juried show so you’ll only find the cream of the crop crafters. And if you haven’t been to Almonte before then this is a great opportunity to take a little weekend trip or drive to check out the show as well as all the other great local art and food available in charming Almonte. I’ll be there volunteering and shopping and not necessarily in that order. 

When: Saturday May 4th, 10am-4pm
Where: Almonte Agricultural Hall (map)
BONUS: The first 50 people in the door get handmade swag bags full of items from each vendor. 

Here’s a small roundup of what you’ll see this weekend. 


{handmade: city of craft}

Need some plans this weekend? If you’re going to be in Toronto, plan to get your CRAFT ON at the Spring City of Craft show  on Saturday. This show just keeps getting better and better since it’s first in 2007. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find. It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up a gift for Mother’s Day. Ok, and maybe a little something for yourself.

If you don’t live in Toronto but see something you like, most of these crafty people are also on Etsy, see links below. 

Oh and how beautiful is the City of Craft illustration! That’s the work of talented illustrator Kristen McCrea, who will also be at the show. 


{handmade mother’s day}

Consider this your reminder. Mother’s day is Sunday, May 12. That’s not too far! Why don’t you consider making it handmade this year. 

Check out this inspiring look book by Canada’s own (and personal favourite) Poppytalk. It’s full with beautiful handmade gifts that will inspire you to pick up something extra special for mom. If you see anything you like, just click on it and it will take you to the Poppytalk Handmade shop for you ring it up right then and there. Done and done.

{handmade: one of a kind}

It’s that time of year again. The Spring One of a Kind Show (OOAK) is happening this week, March 27-31 at the Direct Energy building in Toronto. It’s always been a big show but with the handmade movement in full swing, the bar has been raised and it’s set to be amazing so save some pennies.  

When you think of one of a kind, you also may think of Etsy. Which is why it’s only natural that Etsy and OOAK are working together. Etsy did a great job of pulling together an online look book that features 40 artisans that will be at the show who also have Etsy shops. Great idea! 

Of course I checked it all out and they were all great. I encourage you to take a look and do some pre-show window shopping so you can better plan your big day at the show. But until then I went and pulled some of my favourite items from the featured artists. (PS: I have those beautiful gold dipped earrings and love them!)

1  Pillow cover by mummiquilts
2  Bow Tie by Handsome and Lace
3  Leather jewelry by Love at First Blush
4  Vegan handmade soap by aidebodycare
5  linen napkin by SMITHhandmade
6  Apricot and Tea necklace by CandiWareJewelry
7  Organic cotton burp clothes by organicquiltcompany
8  awesome undies by The Candi Factory

See you at the show!!

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