{places: Chicago}

Last weekend I went to visit a friend in Chicago. It was my first time in the Windy City. I’ve heard tons of amazing things about Chicago and was happy to go. The funny thing is that although I absolutely loved my time there, I didn’t really get up to the typical tourist things. There was a lot of drinking, chatting, and laughing which was needed. But we did manage to squeeze in a little shopping and check out some great architecture. 

When I’m traveling, the truth is I’m usually not a big shopper because these days I can get most of the same stuff at home or online. So when I do shop, I like to check out unique boutiques and especially vintage & antique shops. With that as my goal, I chose to check out the Andersonville neighbourhood, which is home to many shops of that kind. 

My favourite shop was The Haymaker Shop. This cool shop was almost a cross between a shop and a gallery – but everything you saw was for sale. Almost everything we carry has been made in Chicago or the Midwest. And all items are created by independent designers/artisans/artists/small studios. It’s always great when you can shop local. 

The store is a mix of colourful, quirky, vintage and modern.

I was drawn to these coloured ‘fence’ pieces by iamhome. I ended up taking home the small one on the right. 

Some vintage badminton bird packaging. I wasn’t a super athletic person but badminton was my thing, so I particularly loved these. And on the right a hand printed Chicago butcher poster for my friend Shannon, who’s dad was a butcher. 
Probably the most unique thing I saw were these amazing sarcastic trophies, also by iamhome. You know we can’t all be number one but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to give or get recognition for our efforts. Too funny!
A few spotted vintage signs. Of course I’m biased towards red heads and who knew a church could be so flashy? 

So no pics of the big silver bean or me at a Cubs game (maybe a summer trip?). We did get to see the famous Frank Lloyd Wright Robie house but I’ll save it for another post.