{style: live colourfully}

To say that I love colour would be an understatement. Not only do I love it but I really do live it. The proof is in my Instagram feed with the classic outfit selfies. I’m always trying new bold colour combos and patterns. I don’t think I own anything beige or nude. Do you embrace colour or shy away from it? 

{artist showcase: a photographer & his gal travel the world}

Warning! Case of wanderlust may be a symptom of viewing this post. I came across this great Instagram photo series by Russian photographer Murad Osmann. Murad took a picture of himself being led by his girlfriend while traveling around the world. What a unique way to add a human element to travel photos. It doesn’t hurt that his girlfriend happens to be incredibly attractive. Can you tell where they are in each photo?

And finally a snapshot of the couple in action. See the whole photo series hereJust in case your curiosity is getting to you, this is what his glamorous model girlfriend looks like from the unseen angle. 

{virtual reality}

It’s so interesting to see something evolve. Instagram, the program we all know and love is going to be jumping off your smartphone and into your sweaty little palm. That’s right, that cute little vintage camera icon is becoming a reality thanks to Polaroid. Take a look: 

There isn’t a ton of info yet but the camera (official name Polaroid Socialmatic) will be a flat touchscreen camera with a built-in printer, 16GB internal storage capacity, with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Hello!

But wait! That’s not all! 
It will be able to print QR codes on the back of each photo—that when scanned, will direct people to the user’s Instagram account. 

Sounds pretty high tech but the question I have is if we already have Instagram on our phones, are we going to want to carry around another camera for the novelty of having prints? I can see me toting this along every once and while for a special occasion but these days the only place I seem to bring my ‘other’ camera is when I’m on vacation. 

I definitely think there will be a bunch of interest. I’m curious to see how it sells. 

Read more about it here.