{wedding sweets}

Just a glimpse of my design fingerprint at my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. I love that she took my suggestion of mini-macaroons to match with the colourful confetti. Delicious.

Here is what the invite looked like:


{design: true type love by Jessica Hische}

Yup, more wedding inspiration. But I guarantee you 10000% that you’ve never seen anything like this. This is the most unique and beautiful wedding invitation for the uber talented type illustrator and designer Jessica Hische & her designer beau Russ. If you’re familiar with Jessica’s work, you can see that this is cut from the same cloth of all her incredible type work & illustration. 

These are just a few stills from the invite. You have to actually click on the link to see and have the full experience. That’s right, it’s an experience. It’s a stunning, animated linear timeline of their relationship right from the beginning with beautifully crafted visuals helping the story along.

I can’t believe this is coming from a print designer but maybe this is the future of the wedding invite?  

Please, please go and check out the whole thing here