{call me maybe: iPhone case roundup}

I’m not really one of those super techy people but I was starting to get a little embarrassed pulling out my iPhone 3Gs in public and it was getting pretty slow (poor thing was tired). So I gave into the pressure of the many upgrade reminders by my phone provider and got the shiny new iPhone 5.

I love how lightweight & fast it is and finally having a phone with a flash but other than that many of the fab new techy features are probably lost on me. More importantly I was excited to get a new case for it. 

The possibilities are endless. Really. There’s too many options. Here’s just a few of my favs. The price points really vary, depending on your taste you could change it up on a regular basis. We do it with purses, why not our phone?

abstract colour 123
cosmic 123
floral 123
graphic pattern 123
in disguise 123