{shoe love}

Umm…yes please, I’ll take a pair. Now I just need a reason to wear them. Thank you kate spade


{i will never love you more}

I don’t think it’s possible to love Kate Spade anymore. My total adoration continues with this beautiful film they just put out, right in time for Valentine’s Day. Now that’s the prettiest “commercial” I’ve ever seen. Retailers take notice.
PS: I’ve had my eye on that peacock brooch for months.

{things we love}

There are some things that just make me smile. Pretty much any creative put out by kate spade falls in this category. I know I’m not alone but sometimes I like to think that it’s this cool little boutique that no one else knows about…you know, like when you like an obscure band and feel like you’re part of some little club with great taste and you don’t really want to share them with others but at the same time it’s so good you want everyone to know? Well kinda the same but different since there are lots of kate spade lovers like me and it’s definitely not a secret. I love kate spade’s products…alot. But it’s the retailer’s creative work that I’m love with most. I can suck up a lot of time just browsing their website, it’s a little like a drug for colour freaks like me. There’s a section of the website called Behind the Curtain which is my favourite. It’s basically a peak into the creative minds behind kate spade and let’s us see where some of the inspiration comes from. Recently the creative gods at kate spade put out a little a book called Things We Love. As described by the creators “Things we Love is a compact inspiration board, recast in the form of a small book. It is a curated collection of the things that charm, interest and inspire the creative team at kate spade new york.”

It’s really like eye candy. Here’s a peak. But you can find more on the here.

Isn’t it pretty?! I think it would be a great creative exercise to put together a little book of creative inspiration, ideas, quotes, and just things that are beautiful. Actually that’s kinda the purpose of this blog for me but it would be nice to have something you can actually hold in your hand and turn the pages. The wheels in my brain are already turning….