{good eats: colourful cake}

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and happy Easter. For me, it meant some serious family feasts. I decided I was going to bring back my popular multi-colour cake. Last time I did ombre with shades of pink for a girlfriend’s birthday. It was such a success (and so very impressive) so I decided to give it an Easter twist and use four completely different pastel colours. The wow factor didn’t fail with cameras coming out when I cut that baby up. So if you’re looking fame when it comes to your baking, I highly recommend giving it a shot. 

I admit that I used some short cuts but you could do it all from scratch if you’re a baker extraordinaire. 

What you need: 
– 2 white cake mixes
– 1 pack of lemon pudding 
– 1 1/2 containers of cream cheese icing
– 4 colour pack of food colouring
– 2 or 4 round cake pans

I have 4 cake pans so I made both cake mixes at once but you could just do two at a time if you don’t. Once you’ve mixed the batter, put half in another bowl and add a colour to each one, then pour into greased pans. (PS: red + blue = purple)

While the cakes are in the oven, whip up the lemon pudding. Once the cakes are done, take a long knife and cut off the tops to make them flat for stacking. 

Put a layer of lemon pudding in between each colour until you have something that looks like this: 

Then lastly, cover the cake with a layer of delicious cream cheese icing (or whip cream if you prefer) and then, voila! you’re done until you cut it up in front of everyone. They will think it’s magic.