{good eats: no bake treats}

I had the pleasure of writing my first guest blog post last week for the delicous blog Creative Juice run by the talented macaron-making extraordinaire Mindy Starr (check out her book!). Mindy and I met at the Alt Design Summit in San Francisco and I was honoured when she asked if I would be her guest. I decided to do a roundup perfect for summer – no bake recipes. Enjoy!

I love food! I love how food brings people together – cooking it, sharing it, eating it, gifting it, talking about it, and mostly just enjoying it. I’m not sure about your summer but mine has been pretty busy with BBQ’s, picnics and cottage weekends where a good dessert dish is always popular. What’s not so great is using your oven on a hot, sunny day. Well you’re in luck because I can help you with that hot and sticky situation with a roundup of 10 delicious no bake recipes.

We’re not just talking rice krispie squares and fruit smoothies here, there’s some seriously fancy-looking desserts. I’m a sucker for lemon, which is why it’s my #1 but there’s something for every kind of sweet tooth.

RECIPES: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Mouth watering a bit? Time to ditch the oven and get baking. I would love to hear & see your sweet successes on Instagram or Twitter. Happy baking…wait, happy NO baking!