{natural beauty}

Take a look at this beautifully simple package design. The clean design is appropriate as it’s a natural, all organic beauty line. Simple product, simple design. The product is from Jacqueline Evans, a certified Naturopath from Australia. It’s so rare to see something so simple on the shelf. 

I understand that there may be a few more elements that have to be considered for certain products and that little detail of squeezing two languages on everything in Canada but some of the big brands could take note. This would grab my attention on a busy store shelf any day. 


{graphic design: wine art}

Maybe you’re not suppose to judge a book (or a possible online date prospect) by their cover but I’ll admit, I judge wine by it’s label. I’ve been on a bunch of wine tours and although they’re very interesting at the time, I forget everything when I’m walking down the wine aisle. What I look for is simple, an attractive and well-designed label. I figure the the wine has be pretty decent if that much thought was put into a label. And also I’m not a super picky wine drinker. 

Anway – the point of this post is I just came across these wine labels that I adore on the dieline. They are so odd but creative, cheeky & unique. Who thought to put together pin-up girls with fish?! Love it! I love these so much I would want to collect all of them and put them on a shelf. Good packaging = art.