{artist showcase: kelly reemtsen}

I came across these lovely pieces of art by Kelly Reemsten that made me smile. As a single gal with my own place I find myself doing lots of handy stuff. My ‘tool drawer’ is getting pretty full, it looks like I may need to start a second one. I’m also more familiar with my local hardware store than I would like to be. Basically I’ve become handy because I have to be. That’s why I love these paintings with the contrast between the feminine subjects wearing vintage dresses carrying some not so feminine tools. And don’t forget to accessorize – a colourful bracelet & ring will get noticed when you’re swinging that ax. 

I’ve never done any work in a vintage dress but I did install a light fixture in a black slip once…now there’s an idea for another painting. 


{the art of advertising}

I wanted to share this great video I came across recently. It’s really more of a short documentary on the art of painting outdoor advertisements. It’s probably considered a dying art form as these days most large scale outdoor advertisements are printed on vinyl and put up in a short few hours – which is obviously more time & cost efficient than the hours spent on these pieces of art.

I never really thought about these painters before. They fall under the same category as graffiti artists for me. They’re everywhere yet no one really sees them or really respects them the same as any artist you can find in a gallery or various printed media. And what really got to me, as a creative person who’s put hours into a project before, is that all this time and effort (for probably not amazing $) is just going to get painted over sooner than later. It’s not like a piece of art that will be preserved in any way. All these hours of work will exist for a moment in time, then on to the next.

I found it very interesting and even kinda sad in a way.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

I see a few of these outdoor ads on my drive to work everyday in downtown Toronto. Here’s a shot of an Apple iPad2 one that’s in progress. I have often admired watching the work in progress but never really thought about the artists doing the work. I will definitely think of them differently now.

{2D or not 2D?…that is the question}

Ok, this is amazing and will play tricks with your mind. I’m not always blown away by fine art but this is super cool. I’ve stared at it a million times and my eyes still have a hard time believing it.

Alexa Meade paints portraits on people. She puts acrylic paint directly on live models, so they appear to be two-dimensional paintings of themselves.

Take a look. Then re-read the above. Paints. On. People. Those are real people! Not paintings.

Isn’t that just amazing?!?!?! Still not wrapping your head around what’s real and what’s not? The man in the subway with other people in the photo helps to get a reality check. But check out these shots putting the scenes into context.