{ EVENTS: outdoor rooftop movie night }

Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I moved into my place with a big rooftop patio is host a movie night up there. It only took 5 years but I made it happen! 

Here was the invite I designed. I kept the guest list pretty small because I wanted everyone to have a cozy seat. It also happened to be a musically inclined guest list so I thought it would be fun to rewind a bit with one of my favourites, Almost Famous. So many great actors that I love. I totally forgot that Zooey Deschanel played William’s older sister. 

I created a comfy floor seating area using a big fabulous velvet-like bed cover I found on a thrifting hunt awhile back and then got a bunch of colourful big pillows from Homesense and gathered up a bunch of blankets. You can tell what my favourite colours are because everything I pulled together happens to match – lots of pink/orange/green/mustard. The patio plants added lots of colour and looked great. And of course what’s a summer patio without a string of lights? These are from Target. Pick them up while they’re in season or else they’re impossible to find.  

No movie night would be complete without the snacks right? It’s usually more like, what movie would you like to watch with your night of snacking? I went with classic butter popcorn, cold sodas and a tray full of chocolate & candy. Yum! Then, just in case you didn’t read the invite closely & to add to the decor I made a handmade marquee-style sign with some chalkboard paint and an old frame. This can me reused for a bunch of events. 

Here’s a great panoramic of the set up. I bought a portable photostand and I happen to have some photo backdrops from work but you could just drape a white sheet as well. And that view! not bad. I wanted to move away from the traditional black/white/red movie theme and instead use lots of bright summer colours. 

It was a perfect night. My only regret is waiting so late in the summer to do it because I would love to do it again. Maybe I can host a fall version with more blankets and hot chocolate instead of soda on ice.
It was a successful & fun movie night with friends on a beautiful summer night.I’ll leave you with my favourite scene from the movie. Every time I hear this song I think of this scene. So good! 


{before & after: patio beautification project}

I’m a lucky girl, I have a large rooftop patio all to myself. It’s wonderful but I don’t think it’s necessarily beautiful and cozy. After four summers of not wanting to invest in a space I could only use 3-4 months of the year I decided (with some motivation) it’s time to just suck it up, spend a little money, put in the hard work and get it done. I called it the Patio Beautification Project. And the results are in!

Here’s the before. I already sold my glass top Walmart patio set at this point but you get the idea. 

And the after! So, so, so, so, so, so much better. I now have a cozy & bright patio that’s calling my name. The couch was definitely the biggest investment but totally worth it. The dining table was sitting in a box from last summer, so happy it gets to see the light of day. Other than those two items, it was some DIY projects, some spray paint, lots of flowers, 2nd hand treasures and a little help from Ikea (white pots, white chairs, candles & sofa cushions). Even my old worn-out stuff looks like new with a new coat of spray paint. 

The table and chairs are from Ikea. Both very affordable.  The hanging lights used to be worn out looking dark brown metal and I gave them a fresh coat of gold spray paint and I love them 10x more. 

The colour pots are a successful DIY project I posted a few weeks ago – find the instructions here. The turtle pot and deer terrarium were both flea/thrift finds. 
The Blue Mountain inspired ashtray (yes people smoke, and a good hostess has an ashtray so they don’t end up in her garden!)and the peacocks (spray painted) are more thrift store finds. The pink chair is actually a hand-me-down designer chair that I gave a fresh coat of pink spraypaint. 


I really loved the idea of putting mirrors up. It’s taking an indoor element and bringing it outdoors – it really gives it the feel of an outdoor ‘room’. Both are from a thrift store. 

These chics and hen succulents were in a sad looking box on the ground (not seen in before pics) and my flower box was also very sad and falling apart. So with a hammer & nails I got my hands dirty and took all the sadness and turned into it something happy. I can tell they like it because they look super green & healthy compared to before.  

Here a cool 360 panoramic view.
And you have it! Time to enjoy a well deserved glass of ice-cold wine on the patio.