{ DIY: patio party decor }

Yesterday I posted about a great dinner party I hosted on my rooftop patio that included a few DIY decor projects that I promised I would share. These projects were especially great because it was a chance to be creative with what I had around my place. I made three decor elements; some bunting to go with my great string of lights, a table runner made from doilies, and name holders made from super cheap forks. These elements really added to the atmosphere and upped the wow factor. 

First up is the bunting. I looked through my bin of scrap fabric and found this collection which worked together. As you know, I’m not a fan of matchy matchy so just make sure if you’re going to mix patterns that you stick with the same colour family.  

Next step is to cut out a bunch of triangles using a template for size. Then we get to the sewing part and I’m going to come out and admit that this is the lazy girl’s technique. You could give it a more finished look by adding a strip of ribbon that would cover the edges. But if you’re ok with it looking a little more handmade you can just keep sewing in one big line going from one piece to the other (with a touch of overlap). 

Then you’ll get something like this (above) which looks pretty sweet when it’s hanging. 

The next project was the doily table runner. There really isn’t any steps to show for this. I found a ton of great doilies during one of my thrift store trips and I didn’t really have a plan for them. I had seen this idea before and thought I would try myself. I laid them out first to decide placement then I  took a good ol’ needle & thread and added a few stitches where the points met. It seems daunting at first but it went by pretty quickly. This large runner (this pic only show about 75% of it) took me about an hour to stitch. 

And lastly I made name holders out of forks. It’s key to buy inexpensive forks because you want them to bend easily. Take pliers and just got at it. Depending on the base of your fork, it may or may not stand on it’s on but once you put the napkin in, it should stand. Then stick the name tag in between the fork prongs. I cheated (again) and just printed out the names in a font I loved and then traced in gold market. 

There you go – three steps to kick up your dinner party wow factor. It can definitely be some work but it really makes it extra special, and makes great Instagram content 🙂

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{ EVENTS: summer rooftop dinner party }

I admit, I’m a lucky girl with an amazing outdoor space right in the middle of the city. It’s pretty great. The sad part is that I don’t feel like it gets used enough, especially with our short summers. So when my good friends from out of town told me they were coming for a visit I decided to go all out and host a proper rooftop patio dinner party. I threw in a few DIY decor projects to make it extra special, which I’ll post in more detail later. Don’t hate me but I pulled almost all of this together with stuff I already had around my place (I have a lot of stuff..it’s kinda a problem).

I made the bunting with some scrap material I had and the table runner with a bunch of doilies I picked up at a thrift store that I didn’t know what I was going to do with. Both the expandable table & chairs are from Ikea in case you’re wondering. The pillows & lantern are from Homesense last season. 

I don’t usually do proper place settings, but like I said, I went all out. I made the name holder from dollar store forks and used a gold marker for the name (psst: I’ll let you in on a secret – my writing isn’t that beautiful, I printed them in a pretty font (Janda Celebration Script) and traced them with gold marker). The stunning glasses are part of a hand painted vintage set that was gifted to me by a good friend who knows me well. 

I used some of my vintage glass collection for vases with bright jewel coloured flowers. 

Pardon the blurry iPhone photo but what a great panoramic to show you the whole spread. I went all out with the decor but kept the menu pretty simple. I made BBQ ribs for the first time (success!) along with watermelon mint feta salad, potato salad, grilled veggies & caprese salad.
There’s nothing better than sitting around a table with good friends on a beautiful summer night. That is one happy bunch of people. 

{before & after: patio beautification project}

I’m a lucky girl, I have a large rooftop patio all to myself. It’s wonderful but I don’t think it’s necessarily beautiful and cozy. After four summers of not wanting to invest in a space I could only use 3-4 months of the year I decided (with some motivation) it’s time to just suck it up, spend a little money, put in the hard work and get it done. I called it the Patio Beautification Project. And the results are in!

Here’s the before. I already sold my glass top Walmart patio set at this point but you get the idea. 

And the after! So, so, so, so, so, so much better. I now have a cozy & bright patio that’s calling my name. The couch was definitely the biggest investment but totally worth it. The dining table was sitting in a box from last summer, so happy it gets to see the light of day. Other than those two items, it was some DIY projects, some spray paint, lots of flowers, 2nd hand treasures and a little help from Ikea (white pots, white chairs, candles & sofa cushions). Even my old worn-out stuff looks like new with a new coat of spray paint. 

The table and chairs are from Ikea. Both very affordable.  The hanging lights used to be worn out looking dark brown metal and I gave them a fresh coat of gold spray paint and I love them 10x more. 

The colour pots are a successful DIY project I posted a few weeks ago – find the instructions here. The turtle pot and deer terrarium were both flea/thrift finds. 
The Blue Mountain inspired ashtray (yes people smoke, and a good hostess has an ashtray so they don’t end up in her garden!)and the peacocks (spray painted) are more thrift store finds. The pink chair is actually a hand-me-down designer chair that I gave a fresh coat of pink spraypaint. 


I really loved the idea of putting mirrors up. It’s taking an indoor element and bringing it outdoors – it really gives it the feel of an outdoor ‘room’. Both are from a thrift store. 

These chics and hen succulents were in a sad looking box on the ground (not seen in before pics) and my flower box was also very sad and falling apart. So with a hammer & nails I got my hands dirty and took all the sadness and turned into it something happy. I can tell they like it because they look super green & healthy compared to before.  

Here a cool 360 panoramic view.
And you have it! Time to enjoy a well deserved glass of ice-cold wine on the patio. 

{before & after DIY: bold & gold}

Today I’m bringing you another one of my own DIY projects while I’m still riding this momentum of scratching of items from my To Do list that I started almost five years ago. Next on the list is a patio makeover. I’m calling it the Patio Beautification Project. The full story is coming but for now here’s a little sneak peak. My sad, sad looking pots needed a makeover.

• some old (or new) pots
• spray paint in your favourite colours & gold
• painters tape
• plastic bags to cut up
• drop sheet
• (optional but helpful) some sort of pedestal or table that you don’t mind getting painted

First – pick up a few of your favourite colours of spray paint as well as a bottle of gold. 

Set up your drop cloth and start spraying. I suggest a calm day with no wind. You’ll likely need at least two coats to cover nicely. 

Give them some time to dry (I left them for a day) then use your painters tape and cut up plastic bags to tape off your geometric shapes. I stuck with triangles. 

Once you have them all taped up it’s time for a little gold to make them look rich. You’ll end up with something like this. Give them two coats for good coverage. Then let them dry to the touch but not overnight because that green tape can end up taking some paint off with it if you leave it on too long.

Then comes the best part – carefully remove the tape and check out your new, modern, geometric, colourful and awesome pots!
Now they just need to be filled with some beautiful flowers. 

{time for a BBQ}

Summer weather has arrived early this year! This means it’s time to get the patio in order and ready to host some BBQ’s. Your BBQ can range from throwing a few hot dogs and burgers on the grill to an all out outdoor formal dinner party. There’s a ton of cute stuff out there right now for both. Personally I like to keep my BBQ’s glass-free zones with lots of colour….with a guitar thrown in for a little post-beverage fun. Here’s my idea of a bunch of great must-have’s for a bright & cheery summer BBQ.