{tin plate face}

I admit that I haven’t taken many pictures for art’s sake for awhile.  It’s been a busy summer but I’m also loving the my quick Instagram snaps from my antique iPhone 3. As much as we’ve all embraced our fun new digital photo toys it’s kinda nice to re-visit some older photography techniques. I came across this (new to me) old photo style of tin plate photography being done by Photobooth in San Fran. The video below does a much better job of explaining the process but it goes back to the idea of light exposure & dark rooms. The end result is a unique image on an aluminum plate, in the tradition of 19th century photography. There is no negative so there is just one photo produced.  I just love the contrast and details that show up in the image. Stunning.  I also like that Photobooth is an actual store that you can walk in off the street. It takes away the intimidation & exclusivity of a gallery or photo studio. Most of the photos are just regular people that came in off the street. 

It’s so interesting that as technology is advancing we are craving & embracing the old ways. We love the convenience of our instant digital photos and being able to print dozens and manipulate them but there’s definitely something lost in the actual process and the anticipation of the end result. I love the idea, as mentioned in the video, that you end up walking away with an actual object – a souvenir, one-of-a-kind, un-retouched piece of art.